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Dealing with the Angry Customer

Date: 06/26/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Nobody enjoys having to deal with an upset or angry customer.  Having someone yell or berate you would tend to raise anyone’s hackles.   Successfully handling an angry customer can mean the difference between retaining that customer over the long haul or loosing them.  When dealing with an irrate customer, remember:

Not to take it personally.  When someone is yelling at you, it’s human nature for many of us to take that criticism personally instead of stepping back and understanding that the customer is mad at the company and you are just a representative of that company.  If you are the owner, it can often be difficult for you to separate the two in your mind, as we take pride in our business and see it as an extension of ourselves.  However, if you want to handle these types of situations, it’s best to see yourself as only a representative of that company.

Listen.  Providing the client with an opportunity to present their side of the problem offers several advantages.  It will hopefully allow them some time to calm down and think rationally about the situation, as well as show them you are genuinely interested in solving the problem. And, it provides you with some problem-solving time to develop a possible plan of action.

“Do unto others”.  If you had a similiar issue, would you appreciate being put off or passed from person-to-person trying to get the problem resolved? Probably not. Don’t pass the customer around. If you don’t know the answer to the problem, tell them that you’ll find the answer and get back to them ASAP.