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Why is PayPal turning away it’s customers?

Date: 09/01/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I use Paypal on all my e-commerce websites. I kind of have love-hate relationship with PayPal. I use it a lot. We do at least $30,000 in transactions per month through Paypal through one website. If I combine it all together we might be doing over $50,000 in transactions per month.  

Paypal is simple enough, but some things bothers me and there is no way to reach human being who will be able to fix them. One of them is that I own several companies and one of the rules in Paypal is that one individual cannot have opened two business accounts. Let me explain again. For example I have two totally different companies. Selling different products. Each company is set up in different state with different offices and different employees. The only connection is that I own both companies. And this is exactly against the rules. I tried to talk to Paypal support about that. All I got back were “copy and paste” answers that I cannot have two accounts. I tried to talk to our assigned manager. We have substantial sales, so they assigned account manager to us. I emailed through system that I need to talk to the manager two weeks ago. No response till today.

Doesn’t PayPal realize that they might be leasing a lot of revenues with such approach? It is just my laziness to re-do all my sites and accept Google Checkout and remove Paypal completely. Just the fees I pay to paypal are in thousands of dollars per year.