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Self service corporation minutes

Date: 07/23/2008 | Category: Incorporation | Author: developers

When you start a new corporation you must hold an organizational meeting of the directors and shareholders.

Each year around the anniversary date of your incorporation you must have an annual meeting of the directors and shareholders.

The written document from that meeting is called Minutes. It must be held in the corporate records.

We offer two services. Full service company minutes preparation. The cost is $20-$25 for preparation of company minutes. The second service we offer is self service. Just login to your account and follow instructions. Self serve minutes can be used for all of your companies on your account.

Click on Company Minutes


Select what type of document you want to prepare (Organizational or Annual meeting, Corporation or LLC). Enter date of the meeting and click on Begin.


Fill out simple form with questions like place of meeting, date of meeting, etc.


Once you submit a set of documents will be generated and ready for your signature.

Full service company minutes. Your client account login (self serve)