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Staples is not interested in getting business

Date: 02/17/2009 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Staples started cancelling our online orders. There is no notice, warning or email saying the order got cancelled. Just when I login to my account I see that order is cancelled.

This is an order I made for two boxes of paper couple of days ago:


When calling customer support no one can give straight answer. They don’t know! There is no problem with credit card payment. I tried to pay with different cards and checked with my banks if cards are OK.

I called corporate office and spent half hour on hold. No straight answer either.

This is so stupid. They just don’t realize that they are loosing loyal customer.  We order a lot of stuff for our offices, but I guess they don’t need any sales. So please go to Office Depot or Office Max if you need office supplies.

Update: So I got an answer at last. One of our mail forwarding clients tried to pay with stolen credit card. So Staples put our office address on blacklist. I tried to explain that we offer mail forwarding as a service. It didn’t help. Majority of clients are honest customers, but of course you will always find some fraudsters. We cancel their accounts, but cannot imagine solving the security issue the same way as Staples.

Here is a screen shot of my account. We are not a huge customer, but I think it is stupid to loose business they way they do.