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Probably the easiest way how to become publicly traded company

Date: 04/21/2009 | Category: Business | Author: developers

First read the article published in Enterpreneur.

Then check information from Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board. See some info below:

Have you ever wished there was a legal way to offer and sell shares of your company to friends, family, and business associates – shares that are immediately free trading? Good news: There is such an option for small business for companies operating in Nevada. Through a Nevada State Registered Offering, you can raise up to $1 million. Also, the shares sold in this offering are unrestricted and can generally be sold to any Nevada resident (subject to the approval of the Commissioner), and with no minimum investment.

Consider a Nevada State Registered Offering

  •  Raise up to $1,000,000
  •  Sell to your family and friends
  •  Shares become free trading (not restricted)

Raising capital through a direct public offering is a great way for a company to finance the launch of a new business or product line or take the company public. The benefit of this type of public offering is that it allows your company to approach prospective investors (including customers) through cold calling, newspaper advertisement, direct mail, radio, or seminars. Although most states allow state registered offerings, many of these states impose restrictions that make it impractical for small businesses to pursue. Nevada, however, provides a straightforward process known as “registration by qualification” that is very business-friendly.