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NV Corporation Soles

Date: 07/13/2009 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Effective June 9, 2009 Limitations on Corporation Sole
Creation (Senate Bill 55)
– The provisions of SB 55 prohibit the
creation of any new corporation sole, except for the creation of
a subordinate corporation sole by the presiding officer of an
existing corporation sole that is in good standing. The articles
of incorporation for any new corporation sole created after June
9, 2009 must be accompanied by a statement , executed under
penalty of perjury, by the presiding officer of the superior
corporation sole attesting to the affiliation and stating the nature
of the affiliation. A new “Statement to Accompany Article of
Incorporation – Corporation Sole” form will soon be available on
our web site at After June 30, 2011, no new
corporation sole may be created.