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NV State Business License

Date: 07/13/2009 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Payment & Issuance of State Business License Fee (Assembly
Bill 14Paymen6)
– the State Business License (BLF) applications,
renewals and related fees will be collected and issued by the
Secretary of State. Pursuant to AB 146 passed by the 2009
Nevada Legislature, the authority for the State Business
License was transferred from the Department of Taxation to the
Secretary of State. The due date of the application or renewal
of the BLF is based upon the due date of the initial or annual
list, whichever is applicable, required to be filed with the
Secretary of State. Business entities that are not required to file
organizational documents or an initial or annual list of officers
with the Secretary of State, such as sole proprietorships and
general partnerships will also be required to file for the State
Business License with the Secretary of State when they
commence business in Nevada and renew every year by the
end of the month in which the anniversary of their initial
registration falls. NOTE: The State Business License fee
increased from $100 to $200 as of July 1, 2009, however, the
Secretary of State collection is not effective until October 1,
2009. The Department of Taxation will handle any new license
application or renewals of the State Business License through
September 30, 2009