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What is Mail Forwading?

Date: 05/31/2016 | Category: Mail Forwarding | Author: Jakub Vele

Do you want to have mail and documents received on the address where your company is incorporated? Do you want to list your incorporation address on your website or use it as your credit card billing address? Then we recommend you to use our Mail Forwarding Service. Currently we provide mail forwarding in Nevada, mail forwarding in Wyoming, and mail forwarding in Delaware.

Your own US address to receive Mail

With IncParadise mail forwarding you will receive your own, real street US address. And then you can have all your mail and documents sent to this address. We even receive packages, and forward them to you.

You don’t get PO BOX address which is easily recognizable. You will receive real US address, with street number and your company name. This is to give your company more professional image.

IncParadise US mail forwarding features

With our mail forwarding you can be always on the road, or in the office on the other side of the world, and still have full access to all the mail received to your US address.

Here is list of the most important features, all of them designed to help you run your business smoothly

Receive unlimited number of mails to your mail forwarding address

There is no limit at all as to number of mail received to your address. You can use this address for all the company correspondence you need, from bank accounts to communication with your customer.

Regular mail forwarding to address specified by you

Choose daily, weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly frequency and you don’t have to do anything else in your account. All your mail will be forwarded to address specified by you in regular intervals. No need to re-login to your account after setting up this service. Set up once and keep using it forever.

Mail Scanning

If you don’t want all the mail to be forwarded to you, you can choose to have it scanned instead, saved as pdf, and uploaded to your account. Every time you login to your account, you will see list of mail received and scanned, and you can easily download pdf version of each mail. No need to do mail forwarding if you don’t really need to.

You can even set up automatic scanning of every mail received. And with each mail received, you will get e-mail notification that it has been scanned and can be accessed in your account interface.

Prices for scanning are as follows:

  • $1 for scanning of a letter which is 1 to 10 pages.
  • $2 for scanning of a letter which is 11 to 20 pages.
  • $3 for scanning of a letter which is 21 to 30 pages.

Use your Mail Forwarding address as your company universal address

Do you want to be publicly recognizable as US company based in Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware? With our mail forwarding service, that’s possible. You can use your Incparadise address for all of the following purposes

  • Address published on your online store or online page
  • Address use with your bank, for bank accounts and credit card billing address
  • Address used for communication with your customers, where they can send you anything you need them
  • Address used as return address for products returned by your customers
  • Address to register your wireless service – great if you need US phone number

Of course there could be many more uses, but these are the most common and important ones.

Immediate notification of received mail and 24/7 access

Every time you receive mail, we will send you e-mail immediately, so you are notified about received correspondence. You will not miss a single document sent to this address.

With our account interface, you have 24/7 access to all your received mail and scanned documents. No need to wait for our offices to open, check it anytime, anywhere.

Professional image and privacy

Since we are not using P.O.BOX form address, it looks more professional. Like a real office location. And it gives you privacy, because it has nothing to do with you personally.

Incoming Mail description – sender name

When possible, we will add description to incoming documents. If we see the mail is coming from let’s say Chase Bank, we will add this to the description of the document in your account at no costs.


Don’t need to scan or send received mail? No problem. We will shred it for you upon your request, which can be done through your account interface.

Upload to cloud – Google Drive, Dropbox

Our newest feature allows you to upload any document from your account directly to your cloud storage. Have all your mail received to this mail forwarding address uploaded directly next to all other documents, in your favorite cloud.