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Incorporation Requirements for LLC

Date: 06/02/2016 | Category: Incorporation | Author: Jakub Vele

There are some requirements which need to be done in order to form a LLC. Some of these requirements could be modified on state level, but this article sums the most common requirements.

Company name used for incorporation

Before you file for new company, you have to create a name for it. This name has to be unique, not the same as other company. Avoid also using names which are too similar to other companies. Your name also has to identify that it’s a LLC, either by including the abbreviation LLC (or L.L.C.) in your name, or including the whole term “Limited Liability Company” in your company’s name. On the other hand, avoid including words like “bank”, “insurance” or “trust” in your name, since these are prohibited in most states.

When we are filing your company, we always check whether the name you want to use is still available. If the name is already taken, it could slow down the whole incorporation process. That’s why you should check the name availability before submitting order forms, so there is no time wasted afterwards. You can find link for “Name Check” in every state page of our site.

Registered Agent

You need to have registered agent in each state where you are incorporated. Registered agent is a point of contact for all official paperwork from the state. It must be a physical address of the state you are forming in. We offer Registered Agent service in all 50 states

Business Purpose description

You need to decide whether your business purpose is General or Specific.

General – accepted in some states, and it means you will do “lawful business” under your LLC

Specific – in some states you need to be more specific in explanation of services and products your company will offer to its customers

Management Structure

When you are starting your LLC, you have to decide whether the company is run by Members or by Manages

Member – owns parts of the company, owner

Manager – director of the company

These functions are being set during forming of the company. Every year after that you have to update these names in the Annual Report. If you are planning to do any changes during the year, you can also file Annual Report in the middle of the year, even several times a year if you need to.

Legal address of the company

Some states require you to state legal address of the company, but in a lot of states this information is optional.