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How to get local US phone number by Skype

Date: 07/05/2016 | Category: Business | Author: Jakub Vele

How to get US local phone number by Skype

If you want to have an US local phone number for your business, one of the possibilities is to use Skype which offers local us phone number. Then you can forward your local phone number to your mobile phone in just one easy step. The price is 34€ which is around $38 per year. If you are interested follow these steps:

1. Login to your Skype account (or register if you don’t have it)
Snímek obrazovky (2)

2. Click on “Skype number”

Snímek obrazovky (3)


3. Click on “Get a Skype number”
Snímek obrazovky (4)

4. Choose United states
Snímek obrazovky (5)

5. Choose country from the list (for example Nevada)
Snímek obrazovky (6)

6. Choose a phone number
Snímek obrazovky (7)

7. Choose your subscription
Snímek obrazovky (9)

After there steps you will recieve your own US local phone number and you will be able to recieve calls on your skype application (desktop or smartphone). Another way is to forward your local phone number to your mobile.

Snímek obrazovky (11)


There you can find another ways how to get your own US local phone number.