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Guide – Starting a Freelance Business

Pursuing freelancing is a great way of making cash on the side. A lot of people start freelancing but there are some enthusiasts who are planning on making it their full-time thing.

Quitting your job and considering freelancing as your full-time job is appalling. Many have quit their great jobs for concentrating full time on freelancing. And it’s not a wrong thing to work by yourself on projects that you have planned and love to work on, and it will be worth the risk.

If you have set your mind to do so now, with courage, the correct guidelines and preparation it is an achievable task to open a freelance business. The following steps will help you understand the process of starting a freelance business:

1. Create a Strong Vision

While doing anything especially risky things, your mind is your best tool, but it is also your enemy. For starting a freelance business, you need to prepare yourself for what is to come. It might be tough at times, but you need to stay focused. You need to have the faith and courage in what you are going to do and the confidence that it will work. All negative thoughts will just push you away from success, that’s why you need to be strong and have sufficient confidence on your ideas and plans.

After setting your mind, start with coming up with a company name and start setting goals that you want to acquire. Have a clear picture of the company and the goals that you want to reach, this could be done by asking yourself what your vision about the company is.

2. Plan a structure for the business

It all depends on your vision you can choose between having a Limited Liability company or Legal entity by registering it as a corporation or you can run a business as a sole proprietor. There are a lot of choices from which you have to see which is most suitable for you.

Your business goals will help you to figure out which type of business structure you need as you can find out which kind of structure will give you the advantages you need for the business. Once this is decided all, your next step is to begin your journey towards your best business plan.

There is no need to be stressed at this point as you can change your business structure later on, but for beginning, you should have a set plan and also an arranged accounting while starting your freelance business. As soon as you decide on the business type, contact Inc Paradise to have your company registered and then incorporated to move to the next step in the business.

3. Create Marketing Materials

Strengthen your base by creating the marketing materials. This would help you gain attention before you launch the business i the open market. Make a social media account, then create a website and let it reach out to all. Be ready for anything that may come to your way and also create business cards to be prepared.

Business cards would be helpful when you begin to reach out to the people around you such as your family, friends and other connections.

If you feel that the connections are weak, try to reach out to more you will be amazed by the fact that how useful could referrals be. This will only be possible if they understand what you do to make sure your business concept is clear so you can explain it easily.

4. Design A Portfolio & Website

Launching your freelancing career without the right experiences is not healthy for your business. Make sure that you have experiences in the area from which you will sell products or services. So wait till the point where you sell what you deal in so that you will have enough examples to give on your portfolio about the services you provide.

The portfolio will help as a marketing tool for the services you provide in your business, so you need to make sure that it has he content that will help to promote your business.

Produce samples as they are not complicated, it doesn’t take time but make sure that the samples are good. In order to promote your business at the start, you may also offer free services to have a fast startup while starting your freelance business.

5. Set up Financial plans

Before you get work to do make sure that you are prepared for whatever is to come. Create invoices, set a fixed price, keep a percentage of the income for taxes and build a sound financial plan.

It is beneficial to keep invoices and accounts from the start than messing everything up by ignoring them. This will cost a lot more to the business as it will be a handful job to do.

6. Build a relation with some customers

By building friendly relations with them as it will help to secure customers. Always keep some time to build a client base. It can also be a good way of financing your business as you do not need to open your business entirely, just build connections and get money for the first jobs and use those to do a full startup.

7. Have Confidence

This entire process only begins when you have the confidence within yourself. If you doubt yourself, then you won’t be able to make it. Control your thoughts, be strong and keep the focus on your goals. there might be ups and downs but those are regular things in daily life.

Try to avoid negative thoughts, you might have it in the beginning because you had to start from somewhere and it’s ok to have your doubts but don’t carry them further with you as you excel.


Just be sure that you are mentally prepared before you quit your job and all the steps that are given above can be done while you are still on a daily job. Be determined and focused on your goal, accomplish all the hindrances in your way and after all this, starting your freelance business would be easy.

When you have all your plan ready, and you want to get your company incorporated, contact IncParadise to have your freelance business registered and incorporated with all the necessary documents in place.