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Local Voice mail

Birmingham ARIZONA: Phoenix; Tucson
CALIFORNIA: Beverly Hills / West LA; Brea; Burbank; Canyon Country; Colton & Ontario; Covina; Del Mar; East Ventura; El Cajon; Encino; Hollywood / Los Angeles; Irvine; La Habra; Laguna Beach; Long Beach; Moorpark; Oakland; Oceanside / Carlsbad; Orange County; Palmdale; Rancho Bernardo; Sacramento; Santa Clarita; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose; South San Francisco; South Bay Area; Thousand Oaks; Walnut Creek; Westminster
COLORADO: Colorado Springs; Denver
FLORIDA: Ft. Lauderdale; Ft. Pierce; Jacksonville; Miami; Orlando; St. Petersburg; Sarasota; Stuart; Tampa; West Palm Beach
GEORGIA: Atlanta / Tucker
INDIANA: Indianapolis
KANSAS: Kansas City
KENTUCKY: Louisville
LOUISIANA: New Orleans
MASSACHUSETTS: Andover; Boston; Bridgewater; Framingham; Woburn; Worcester
MARYLAND: Annapolis; Baltimore; Damascus; Edgewood / Harve De Grace; Elkton / Perryville; Laurel; Waldorf

MINNESOTA: Minneapolis
NEVADA: Las Vegas
NEW JERSEY: Camden; Elizabeth; Jersey City; Lakewood; Livingston; Long Branch; Mount Holly; New Brunswick; Princeston; Teaneck; Trenton; Woodbury
NEW YORK CITY: Area codes 212, 718 and 646
NEW YORK: Nassau 516; Suffolk 631
NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte; Raleigh
OHIO: Cincinnati; Cleveland; Columbus
OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma City
OREGON: Portland
PENNSYLVANIA: King of Prussia; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Westchester
TENNESSEE: Memphis; Nashville
TEXAS: Corsicana; Dallas; Fort Worth; Houston; Houston Suburbs; Navarro County; San Antonio
UTAH: Salt Lake City
VIRGINIA: Alexandria; Fredricksburg; Richmond; Virginia Beach
WISCONSIN: Milwaukee

We will issue you a brand-new voice mail or fax number. We will also issue you a password that will allow you to access the voice mail system in order to retrieve messages and/or set up your own customized greeting.

Voice mail highlights:

  • NO per-minute charges
  • NO usage charges
  • No per call charges
  • Absolutely no hidden charges
  • 2-minute greeting
  • 3-minute message capacity
  • Up to a 30-day message retention

Our voice services:

  • Voice mail service prices
  • Voice mail features
  • Voice mailbox configurations
  • Setup instructions
  • How it works
  • Voice mail with phone notification
  • Voice mail with phone message delivery
  • Voice mail with call forwarding

Voice mail service prices

  • Basic voice mail. You call to retrieve messages. $150 per year ($12.50 per month payable yearly)
  • Voice mail to email. Messages are sent to your email in WAV format as attachments. You can play them on your computer. $150 per year ($12.50 per month payable yearly)
  • Voice mail to email notification. You will get notifications about new messages sent to your email. $150 per year ($12.50 per month payable yearly)
  • Account setup (new account or changes) $30 one-time fee.

Voice Mail Features:

Your Very Own Local Phone Number:
You get a private dedicated local phone number, not a universal number with an extension.

Messages Get Stamped With Time and Date:
You will know exactly when the caller left the message with the time and date.

Time/Toll Saver:
Your mailbox rings once if you have no new messages. This will give you time to hang up before the call is answered. Toll saver saves you money when you go to pick up your messages. No messages, no toll charge!

(A toll charge is what your phone company charges you to make a phone call. A toll charge is the opposite of a toll-free call.)

2-Minute Long Greeting; 3-Minute Long Messages

30-Day Message Retention:
Your mailbox will allow you to store played or unplayed messages in your voice mailbox for up to 30 days.

30 Message Storage Capacity:
You can save 30 messages at once.

Pre-Recorded System Greetings:
You can record your own greeting or choose from our pre-recorded greetings.

Message Features:
You can play, repeat, pause, save, delete, rewind and fast forward messages.

Bypass Greeting:
If you have a long greeting, your callers can press the number “2” to bypass your greeting and leave their message.

Voice Mailbox Configurations:

Maximum Greeting Length: 2 Minutes
Maximum Message Length: 3 Minutes
Maximum Messages Stored: 30
Unplayed messages are saved for 30 days.
Played messages are saved for 30 days from the time of the call.

How it works:

When anyone calls you, the phone is answered with YOUR voice or anyone’s voice you use — giving any message, greeting or
advertisement you want. You can change the greeting at any time from any touch-tone phone as often as you want.

To pick up your messages, you call your voicemail number. The voice prompt will ask you to identify yourself with a password that you select, and you can change it as often as you want, so you have total privacy.

The voice prompts will tell you how you can play each message one at a time. First you hear the time the message was left followed by the message left by the caller. You can repeat each message as many times as you want, rewind it, or fast forward through it. When you are finished listening to the message you can either save or discard it.

Voice Mail With Phone Notification

Have your voice mailbox call and notify you when you have a new voice mail message. $240 per year ($20 per month payable yearly). Account setup (new account or changes) $30 one-time fee.

Voice Mail With Phone Message Delivery.

Have your voice mailbox call you and play your new voice mail messages. $240 per year ($20 per month payable yearly). Account setup (new account or changes) $30 one-time fee.

Voice Mail With Call Forwarding

Have your voice mailbox call you and play your new voice mail messages. $300 per year ($25 per month payable yearly). Usage costs of 15 cents per minute. $100 deposit required. Account setup (new account or changes) $30 one-time fee.

Call forwarding examples:
Blind Call Transfer: Your number will connect your callers directly to your desk phone, cell phone or any out-of-state number: Caller dials the number we issue you in the Las Vegas area code, and the phone rings through on the phone number your provide us with, without the caller realizing that they are being transferred.

Voice Mail with Follow Me: You will receive a voice mail number with the capability to receive messages. You can inform the caller to either leave you a message or instruct them to press “1” to reach you directly. The calls would then be transferred to your cell phone (or any other phone). This service allows YOU to change the number where your calls are forwarded to, at any time, from any phone.