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Wyoming Company Name Search

Now that you have thought of a name for your business, it’s time to do a name search. Yes, Wyoming Corporation & LLC name search is quite an easy process and you can start right from here. The name of your business will also be the face of your business and will become the brand for tomorrow!

Why is a name search important? This is a key process because you wouldn’t want another company to form an LLC or start a new business have come up with after days of brainstorming. Your business name should be unique!

Wyoming Corporation & LLC name search will help you find out if your chosen name is in the database or not. If it is not then you can use it. You will have to provide the name for your business in the formation or incorporation documents as well.

That brings us to the next question: how or where do you begin Wyoming company name search?

How to begin Wyoming Business Name Search

Most people would say, “I have thought of a name but I don’t know if I can use it to incorporate my LLC or Business.” This is quite a common issue but there is a solution.

If you have thought of a name already then check said name in Wyoming database first! Does it exist? Has someone else already reserved the name?

Where can you find Wyoming business name database? Right Here!

Don’t worry, it is easier than signing into your email account and then we are there to provide you with assistance through the entire process.

How We Can Help

We at have a team of experienced agents who are specialists in the field of Wyoming incorporation or LLC formation. We are here to provide you with the following services:

  • Help you to check name in Wyoming database
  • Assist you in finding out whether the chosen name has been taken or not
  • Help you with the process of finding an alternative name
  • Reserve your chosen name

There are times when the name you have chosen has already been reserved by some other business. In such a scenario, you might feel lost. Don’t worry, we will go back to the drawing board and come up with an alternative name. The alternative name could be an identifier of the type of business or it can be simply creative.

We have state of the art search tools that will enable you check names in Wyoming database for a Limited-Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, Business Trust, Limited-Liability Partnership, Non-Profit Corporation, Service Mark, Trade Mark, and Trade Name among others.

The search tool will return all names that have currently been taken by businesses in Wyoming regardless of their current status or type of business.

How to choose a name?

You can think of any name for your business and we will help you check the availability of the name in Wyoming. There are certain aspects that you need to consider like name requirements. There are entity-specific name like a Corporation name that must contain Inc., and similarly names for limited liability companies must contain LLC e.g., Young & Smith LLC.

How you name your business is quite important hence here are a few things that will make the process of Wyoming Corporation & LLC name search easier.

Using words only

If you use only words like “Jupiter” then you will have access to an extensive database of names. For example: you want to search for “Jupiter”. You can search using two options, which are name “starts with” and name “contains”. It will bring up names of businesses that are active, inactive, revoked, administratively dissolved etc.

Using alphabets

You can also use simply alphabets although you need to add LLC or Corp after the name. For example: you want to search for “XN”. If you search with name “contains” then Wyoming Corporation & LLC name search will bring up a huge list where names contain the alphabets X & N.

Once we have helped you find an appropriate name for your business, we will check the availability, and also ensure it is reserved immediately. Once you check name in Wyoming, it is important to reserve it so that no one else can choose it.

Apart from choosing and reserving a business name, we will also provide you with LLC formation or incorporation date, file number, and help you in filling the required forms.

Changing Wyoming Corporation or LLC name

Want to change the name of your business? We can help you change existing Wyoming LLC or Corporation name if and when there is a need.

Why would you want to change your business name? Here are some reasons why businesses change their names.

  • Sometimes, the chosen name of your business is no longer aligned to the mission
  • Your business has diversified into other areas and you need a different name to cover all
  • You are simply not satisfied with the existing name
  • You have acquired another business and require a name that connects both

Is the process of changing names easy? Yes, it is relatively easy but requires paperwork and that’s where we come in!

We will not only conduct Wyoming Corporation & LLC name search but also prepare the name amendment documents. Name amendment documents are a part of the “Articles of Amendment” document, which needs to be filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Once you provide us with the approval and applicable fee, we will go ahead and file the Wyoming Corporation & LLC name change document with Secretary of State.

Our services include

  • Check name in Wyoming for both LLC and Corporation
  • Preparation of Certificate of Amendment for name change with applicable fee
  • Expedite name change filing process within 24 hour, 2 hour or 1 hour for an extra fee
  • Provide the approved Certificate of Amendment for name change