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This is the age of digital nomads and smart entrepreneurs whose primary focus is the one ability to work from anywhere, anytime. There are entrepreneurs and business owners that need to travel a lot within the country and outside the US. There are individuals focusing on conducting their business “on-the-go”. Convenience, flexibility, and technology are key factors driving modern businesses and what makes this plan complete is a digital mail service.

An Introduction to Digital Mail Service

In the last decade or so, the volume of mail has grown exponentially and this is a continuous process fuelled by new business growth and a mobile workforce. An example: A medium-sized business establishment processes approximately 100,000 mail or documents in any given month making the corporate mailroom a vital aspect of such businesses. As a result, mail is sometimes lost or delivered to the wrong person. To add to this is large volumes of paper that needs to be discarded. A digital mail service makes the entire process of receiving, sorting, and discarding mail much easier.

What is a Digital Mail Service?

When you combine a hybrid mail service with that of a mail scanning service then you get a digitized mail service or a digital mailroom. The service incorporates a process through which it is able to convert all incoming mail into a digital form, which is then delivered to the recipient electronically. This type of mail digitization is also known as automation of incoming mail process and requires extensive use of document scanning as well as document capture technology.

The most important aspect of the mail scanning service is the process of document capture. The process involves scanning of paper documents or mail received at your virtual address. Once the mail or documents are scanned they can easily be archived over the internet and on cloud based storage, so that they can be retrieved whenever required.

The automation of all inbound and outbound business or personal mail is done at a digital mail center. Digital mail service is quite popular among startups and new businesses because it is not expensive and electronic mail can be managed with ease, which leads to business optimization.

How Digital Mail differs from Traditional or Snail Mail?

Traditional mail also known as postal service or snail mail has existed over a century and is still being used across the world. The question is why is digital mail popular? The answer lies in the difference and the purpose of a digital mail service.

  • Delivery: Digital mail works great for international mail delivery. Normally, an international mail has a longer delivery time as compared to local delivery by traditional post unless you are expediting it, which is quite expensive. On the contrary, digital mail is not expensive and you will receive the contents of your mail over the electronic medium. This is made possible by a mail scanning service that scans the mail envelope or the contents. So, the traditional mail is received locally and sent over to the recipient electronically.
  • Sorting: Traditional mail works through a process where a document is dispatched and upon arrival at the intended location, it is sorted at an in-house mail center of the company. It is then delivered to the respective recipient. This can be a time consuming process depending on the size of the organization. In a digital mail service process, the mail once received is immediately scanned and uploaded to your online account or emailed.
  • Delete/Discard: One of the major differences between digital mail and traditional mail is the use of paper. Once normal paper mail is read, it is shredded and sent to waste. On the other hand, a mail scanning service is used for scanning the content and then emailing it. This leads to less paper waste at your office or workplace.
  • Future use: Once you read mail, it is discarded. Now even if you wanted to retrieve the mail, it will not be possible because it has probably been shredded. On the contrary, a digital mail service ensures that mail can be stored in such a way that it can be retrieved on any later date.

Advantage of Digital Mail Service

A digital mail service is one of the foremost requirements of modern day entrepreneurs and start-up business because it helps in bringing down the cost of overheads. A digital mail center is considered to be cost efficient vis-à-vis a traditional mail center as it utilizes state of the art technology for document processing including scanning of mail or letters.

Top Benefits of Digital Mail Services

The digital industry is growing steadily with more and more technology being used to render specific services to organizations and customers across the globe. One of the avenues for use of advanced technology is the digital mail service. In a world, where entrepreneurs are searching for ways and methods to reduce the overall cost of doing business, the digital mail centers offer just the solution they need. In fact, digital mail services are becoming highly popular owing to several benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages.

  • Commercial Address: The biggest advantage of a reliable digital mail service like IncParadise is that you will get a business address where you can receive all your mails. This is one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring you have a business address without having to rent commercial space. There are several other salient benefits of having a business address and they are:
    • You can receive mail from a variety of mailing companies or carriers like UPS, USPS, Fedex etc.
    • A business address for digital mail service is secure as compared to a P.O. Box delivery and traditional postal delivery.
    • We understand that if you are working from home, you would not want to provide a home address and thus sacrifice privacy. Hence, a business address along with mail forwarding services offered by IncParadise will help you maintain privacy and anonymity.
    • A real commercial or business address will provide a professional outlook to your business
  • Highly Secure: This is one of the important reasons why existing businesses and start-ups are opting for a digital mail service. Your mail will be received directly at the business address thus eliminating the need for any middleman. This decreases the risk of any damage, loss, or theft. Each mail received at our mailing center will be tagged as well as stored securely.
  • Instant Notification: When a mail is received at our mailing center, a notification will be sent to you in real time. A mail scanning service will ensure the mail or documents are properly scanned. The next process will be to email it to you using a secure network. The IncParadise mail forwarding app provided to all our customers will also provide easy access to all your mail and notifications.
  • Same-Day Processing: At IncParadise, all your incoming mail will be processed the same day if received prior to a specified time. Our state of the art mail scanning service will ensure your mail is scanned as quickly as possible.

Use advantages of digital mail service with IncParadise!

Digital Mail Services for Businesses

Business mail can be from clients, customers, advertisers, vendors, and business partners. Each mail needs to be treated with utmost importance and this is why mail management is one of the toughest tasks that require timely completion. At the same time, mail received by a business needs to be logged and distributed to the right recipient. There is always the risk of mail getting tampered with, stolen, lost, or even damaged. These are some of the areas that a digital mail service improves upon and provides businesses and start-ups with a streamlined process to mail management.

How are businesses taking advantage of digital mail services?

Today, digital mail service is considered as the modern day solution to snail mail and businesses are taking advantage of this service to fulfill specific requirements. This is quite a popular service amongst start-ups as well as expats with businesses in the USA. Even digital nomads are finding this service cost effective and efficient. The different ways that businesses are using this service includes:

  • Getting a business address at a prominent location at a much lesser cost than owning an office is a great advantage for start-ups and small businesses. This is all made possible thanks to the digital mail service and it is helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and travelers to operate their business from just about anywhere in the world without worrying about the need for a brick-and-mortar setup.
  • A digital mail center or virtual mailbox helps in reducing operating costs and as a result, businesses and entrepreneurs are using their capital for other purposes like branding etc.
  • A digital mail service has made mail management easier and this saves time for small businesses or start-ups. This is also helping businesses to focus more on increasing their productivity.
  • Modern day businesses that have chosen a mail forwarding or mail scanning service are considered to have a low carbon footprint owing to the fact that they own paperless offices. This is in creating a strong pro-environment brand value for such businesses.

IncParadise Mail Forwarding App: A Perfect Example for Digital Mail Service

The key focus area of a digital mail service is to ensure you receive your mail on time without having to go through the lengthy process of mail sorting. IncParadise, one of the top mail forwarders in the country believe that businesses and entrepreneurs should get notifications pertaining to their mail in real time. In order to facilitate a wide variety of digital mail services, we have introduced a Mail Forwarding App, which is an in-house innovation and one of a kind. Today, this app along with our mail forwarding services is benefiting more than a thousand businesses in the country.

Features of IncParadise Mail Forwarding App

Our Mail Forwarding App has been created keeping in mind the various mail requirements that modern day businesses have. This app takes digital mail service to the next level and some of the salient features are:

  • The IncParadise Mail Forwarding App has been developed for both Android and iOS devices so that you are able to check mail at your convenience without having to worry about missing your mail.
  • Every time a mail is received at our digital mail center, you will get an instant notification on your device
  • You will be able to utilize our mail scanning service for selecting certain mail and mark it with special instructions
  • You will be able to send requests for scanning of specific documents or letters received at our digital mail center
  • You will enjoy the flexibility to go online and change the preferences or schedule of mail received.
  • You can use this App as well as your online account to choose specific dates and frequency of when the mail is sent to you
  • The digital mail service App and our online system allows you to place all mail received on hold
  • Our mail forwarding online system and App allows you to change the address to which your mail is routed

Take Control of your mail using Our Mail Forwarding Service in Nevada!