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The internet is driven by technology and innovation and at the hem of using the internet as the primary workspace are the digital nomads. It is surprising how the number of digital nomads functioning remotely or on the move has increased in the last decade or so. A research brief by MBO Partners State of Independence revealed that almost 4.8 million Americans claim to be digital nomads of this modern age. This also reveals another truth – there has also been an increasing demand in mail forwarding for digital nomads.

An Introduction to Mail Forwarding for Digital Nomads

The common connection between digital nomads and mail forwarding is flexibility and convenience. Digital nomads work remotely and most often than not they are traveling. Such a person is focused on work that provides flexibility and convenience and keeping in mind their lifestyle, mail forwarding for digital nomads provides the same amount of flexibility and convenience.

The future workplace environment will witness a paradigm shift as there is the rising trend in digital nomadism. There is a certain motivation behind the desire to become an independent worker and this drives entrepreneurs to become digital nomads. It is not just the independent working mindset that is setting the premises for remote work places but also the fact that evolving technology is making companies more comfortable in working with a remote and distributed workforce. Mail forwarding for digital nomads is a service that exists solely to address the needs of the remote workers in a dynamic business landscape.

Who is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person whose work and lifestyle is driven by telecommunication technology. They are also known as remote workers or telecommuters and most of their work is either over the internet or driven by the internet. Digital nomads are known to work from private spaces like the home environment and public spaces like the public library, coffee shop, and even co-working spaces. Due to the fact that they work from almost anywhere in the world, the need for a virtual mail address for digital nomads has increased.

The digital nomad community includes people of varying ages, experiences, and backgrounds like freelancers working from home, entrepreneurs, and retired or semi-retired people, and snowbirds. A research study by MBO Partners, based in Herndon, VA revealed that 27% of traditional U.S. workers believe that they might become digital nomads in the near future while 11% said that they intend to become one.

One factor that unites the digital nomads is their reliance upon modern technology. He/she enjoys the flexibility to work in their own time and from anywhere with the help of the internet and an arsenal of cloud-based applications and tools. Their toolbox includes a variety of services including VoIP services offering video calls and text chats, cloud-based storage, content creation tools, and other online services including task managers. Simultaneously, digital nomads need to ensure they are connected to all their clients through a secure channel of communication including one for receiving mail. A virtual mail address for digital nomads does exactly that by ensuring they receive all their mail and it can be forwarded securely.

Why Do Digital Nomads Need a Virtual Mail Address?

A digital nomad prefers to work on-the-go and can work from numerous locations within the USA or across the world. So, what happens to their mail? How will they receive any or all their important mail? A service dedicated to mail forwarding for digital nomads will enable them receive their mail irrespective of their place or region of work. In order to enable this service a virtual mail address will be required. A virtual address benefits a digital nomad or entrepreneur in more ways than one.

It is a known fact that digital nomads have no fixed work address and this can have a detrimental effect on their work, clients or prospective customers. A virtual mail address for digital nomads provides them with a street address at a prominent location thus providing an integrated solution towards addressing the following:

  • Need for a physical address without requiring to pay a high rent
  • Need for receiving all their important mail at a centralized location and getting them forwarded

A virtual mail address for digital nomads is a secure way of receiving mail and it is a flexible process as compared to the change of address documentation required to fill out for a Post Office or P.O. Box. There is also the fact that if you travel frequently then it is extremely difficult to keep updating your customers or mail provider of the change of address.

Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding for Digital Nomads

Working while traveling is what a digital nomad does and this opens up a world of opportunity for them. Since geographical boundaries don’t act as barriers, they can work with clients from across the world and all they need is an internet connection. At the same time, it is important to remember that the issue of receiving all important work based mail or those from the bank and other financial institutions needs to be addressed. A virtual mail address for digital nomads provides the perfect solution to ensure that while they are doing their work remotely they will still be able to access their mail without having to travel to a physical location.

Why is Virtual Mailbox is preferred by Digital Nomads?

A virtual mailbox is a street address where you can receive all your important mail. Since digital nomads are either travelling or based in a foreign country, it is difficult for them to access their mail in the US physically. Of course, there is also the factor that if you are not there to receive your mail at the address specified to the sender then there is a high risk of it getting stolen, misplaced or damaged. The virtual mailbox provides a highly secure solution by ensuring all mail is received at a single destination so that mail forwarding for digital nomads can be initiated. This is the numero uno reason why a virtual mailbox is a popular mail forwarding solution for digital nomads.

How Digital Mail Forwarding helps Digital Nomads?

In the age of the internet and a “work from anywhere” trend, the work environment for digital nomads has gone global. It is also important to remember that there are several documents like tax documents, bank checks, credit card statements, driver’s license, signed client agreements, etc., are sent through mail. These are all highly sensitive documents and the last thing a digital nomad would want is to accidentally become a victim of identity theft. So, how does mail forwarding for digital nomads address this issue? In reality digital mail forwarding provides many more benefits to entrepreneurs working remotely. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which digital mail forwarding can help you.

  • Getting a street address: One of the salient aspects of mail forwarding for digital nomads is getting a proper street address. This is not a street address just about anywhere in the USA but at a prominent location or closer to the city center. It will be a street address where you can receive mail from any carrier.
  • No Need to change address frequently: One of the ways a virtual mail address for digital nomads can help you is by ensuring you will never have to worry about providing a change of address every time you are traveling. Normally, changing your address too often can translate into unprofessional behavior or unreliability. All needs pertaining to mail forwarding for digital nomads are taken care of at a single facility.
  • Instant Notification and service choices: A virtual mailbox service will not only receive your mail but also provide you with instant notification irrespective of where you are based. Once you receive a notification, you can choose whether you want to order additional mail forwarding services like mail scanning service, forwarding to another local or international address, forwarding to an online account etc.
  • Provides security: When you are traveling you may not be able to receive mail at the home address. This can increase the risk of losing that one and only important mail, which you have been waiting for. There is also a high risk of your mail or sensitive information getting stolen in your absence as the postal company may leave your mail at your doorstep. A virtual mail address for digital nomads ensures your mail is received at a facility where there is staff experienced to sort and scan your mail. If the content of your mail has to be uploaded to a cloud account or sent through email then a highly secure encryption is used.
  • Check your mail, anytime and anywhere: Virtual mail forwarding for digital nomads is a highly flexible service – almost as flexible as you are! It not only helps you to go through your mail at your convenience but you can check it while traveling in public transport or when sitting and working out of a cafe. Since, your mail will be uploaded to a cloud account or sent via email prior to it being shredded, you will always have a copy to refer to whenever you need it.

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IncParadise offer Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Service for Digital Nomads

IncParadise is one of the most reputable mail forwarding service providers in the USA and this has been made possible because we understand that the requirements of digital nomads is different from that of businesses. As a digital nomad, you probably have to travel for longer duration and work from different states or even different countries. Your mail is important to you and can be work related as well. Hence, we offer a highly secure virtual mailbox service along with mail forwarding for digital nomads so that you never have to worry about missing your mail.

What we offer?

Our virtual mailbox service along with mail forwarding for digital nomads has been designed to offer you maximum benefit. The salient aspects of our digital mail service include:

  • You will get a proper street address where all your mail can be received by experienced administrative staff. This will ensure you don’t have to rent a brick and mortar office nor will your important mail be ever left unattended at your doorstep.
  • The virtual mail address for digital nomads is an actual street address that is covered by all mail carriers like USPS
  • We provide additional digital mail services like the mail scanning service. Once a mail is received, you can provide specific instructions for scanning the content of a specific mail.
  • You can take advantage of a special app developed for the purpose of facilitating mail forwarding for digital nomads. The app works with Android and iOS devices and you will be able to access your mail using smart devices like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
  • The mail forwarding app has a highly intuitive and interactive interface that is simple to use. Notifications of new mail can easily be accessed through the app.

Why do more people choose IncParadise Mail Forwarding Service?

The cornerstones of mail forwarding for digital nomads offered by IncParadise are:

  • A Proper mailing address to receive mail and packages
  • Safe and secure receipt and delivery of mail
  • A mail forwarding service that is accessible, flexible, and offers convenience
  • Mail forwarding services to fit into your budget

There are several thousands of satisfied customers because we made a promise and have been striving hard to keep it! The promise is to ensure that our customers benefit from the virtual mail address for digital nomads services.

How IncParadise Mail Forwarding Helps Digital Nomads?

As a digital nomad, the last thing you would want to worry about is missing your important mail. Every day, our team of experienced professionals are working towards ensuring you never miss your mail. We not only offer highly flexible mail forwarding for digital nomads plans in Nevada but also additional services and an innovative application that makes our mail forwarding service more accessible and highly personal!

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