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There are many people out there who are involved in RVing as a part of their outdoor adventure calling or for conducting business while traveling. Whether you are an RV owner going out for a vacation or a digital nomad working out of your recreational vehicle, where does your mail go when you are not there to receive it. An RV mail forwarding service is just what you would require in order to receive all your important work related, personal, or even confidential mail.

An Introduction to RV or Recreation Vehicle Mail Forwarding

Are you an RV owner? Do you travel a lot? Do you rent a recreation vehicle more often to travel around while working? Are you RVing full time? If you fit the description in these questions then one of the greatest concerns that you may be faced with is how to get your mail in a timely manner. The mail could be related to monthly utility bills, legal obligations, official documents, and even family correspondence. You can get all your mail by opting for a RV mail forwarding service in your state of residence or any state within the USA.

Types of RVers

Some people spend their entire life in a recreational vehicle including running a business from there while some others use it for taking a short-term break. Recreational vehicles are also quite popular with digital nomads and travelers who prefer to work remotely. Hence, the forward mail RV requirements are different for different types of RVers. Let’s take a quick look into the classification of RV owners.

  • Post-Retirement RVers: One of the most common is the post retirement or retiree Rvers and they are also considered to be the traditional crowd. This simply means that there are a large percentage of retirees who have owned or own an RV. They could be taking it for travelling to other states or simply parking and living their life out in an RV park.
  • Family or Couples: Most often than not, families and couples own a recreational vehicle for an adventure or to take short-term breaks from work. Families and couples are known to travel to National Parks, camping grounds, beaches etc. A forward mail RV service is helpful to couples and families that get both work and personal mail on a regular basis.
  • Singles or Solo: A solo RV owner is one of the rarest although modern day digital nomads and entrepreneurs also take interest in taking a recreational vehicle on adventurous journeys. Some singles use an RV to take a quick break from their monotonous routine while others take it out on a longer drive. There are several travel writers and bloggers who are using a recreational vehicle to fulfill their work requirements. In such a scenario, how do you receive your mail? The RV mail forwarding service is quite an effective solution for addressing this problem.
  • RV Members: There are several RV clubs out there some of which are quite old while some are fairly new. The members of such RV clubs can vary from retirees to young entrepreneurs. Such clubs often organize meetings, outdoor activities, cultural fests, and wilderness travel. A forward mail RV service is quite beneficial to club members especially when they are traveling or attending any of the fests.

How Mail Forwarding helps Rvers?

One of the important aspects of the RV mail forwarding service is that you will never miss any important correspondence. Whether you are traveling for a quick holiday or are a full time RV traveler; you may receive personal or business related correspondence. In your absence, there is a high risk of losing important mail and even mail theft. Let’s look at an example:

Mail related to credit card information or bank statements is highly sensitive. When you are traveling nationwide in your recreational vehicle, there might not be anyone there to receive such sensitive information. If your mail containing sensitive information is stolen then it can lead to identity theft. The solution to preventing this situation altogether is by opting for a RV mail forwarding service. The biggest advantage of mail forwarding services is that they are hassle-free, will be well within your budget, and provide flexible options.

Get all your important mail even when you are RVing!

Mail Forwarding Options for Rvers

If you are planning to go on a road trip with your recreational vehicle there is just one aspect that needs to be addressed – your mail! Have you taken into consideration what happens to all your personal and business mail when you are away? If you are wondering what all options are there then it is time to choose whether friends address would suffice or should you go with a professional forward mail RV service. Let’s quickly look through the various options you have.

Use Family or Friends

If you are traveling short-term, you can always ask a good friend or a close relative to handle all your mail. It is a good idea to have someone you trust receive your sensitive mail and business documents but you also need to ask yourself – is this a really feasible idea? Let us look at the following scenarios:

  • Your friend or relative may be required to occasionally visit the post office to pick up a parcel.
  • Your friend or relative will be required to inform you of any mail received and upon request, have to open it, scan it, or forward it depending on how important the mail is.
  • Your friend or relative may not be home due to some urgent work and might not be able to receive an important mail

It can be any of the above scenarios but why burden someone you really care about with the nuances of handling your mail when you can simply sign up for a forward mail RV service.

USPS as Mail Forwarder

The United States Postal Service is an independent agency that can help you in setting up a post office box (P.O. Box) in a post office in your area of residence. When you travel outside your city or state, any letters marked to your chosen P.O. Box will be stored securely in the locker box allotted to you. The letters will have to be collected by you upon arriving. There are some downsides to this forward mail RV service and hence you need to take into account the following:

  • Your friend or relative may be required to occasionally visit the post office to pick up a parcel.
  • Your friend or relative will be required to inform you of any mail received and upon request, have to open it, scan it, or forward it depending on how important the mail is.
  • Your friend or relative may not be home due to some urgent work and might not be able to receive an important mail

This RV mail forwarding service works well for people who are travelling for a short period of time.

Mailbox at UPS Store

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a multinational package delivery company that provides RV mail forwarding service and other mail related services. If you are planning to travel by road then there is always the “rent a UPS mailbox” option. The UPS Store mailbox services will provide you with a street address unlike a P.O. Box. You can receive mail from any carrier although the downside is that if you change your address or cancel your mailbox plan then any mail received at the existing address will not be forwarded.

Private RV Mail Forwarding Service

If you are looking for a private RV mail forwarding service then there are plenty of options to choose from. Of course, you will have to look for and choose a professional and reliable service, which offers receipt of all your mail from different couriers. It is important to know that a private mail forwarding service like IncParadise will provide you with a street address and will ensure you never miss out on any important mail while travelling. The services offered will vary from one provider to another. Some of the salient aspects of such a service include:

  • A proper street address at a prominent location
  • Different types of additional services including scanning of mail and shredding services
  • Forward mail RV service for short-term and long-term
  • Receive mail from all carriers and from anywhere in the world

Professional RV Mail Forwarding Services

You are planning to go on a family vacation in your recreational vehicle (RV) and the only worry you have is whether you will miss out on any important mail. There is mail that is sent on a regular basis like monthly bank statements and then there are those that you were not expecting at all like a business proposal or a client complaint. The bad news is that you cannot afford to lose any mail at all, so what are the possible steps you can take? This is where a professional RV mail forwarding service can be extremely beneficial.

What to look for in a RV Mail forwarding service?

Once you have decided to go with a forward mail RV service, the next step is to look for a reliable and professional service. Reliability and professionalism is not always directly proportional to the cost or fee. These are two important aspects of any mail forwarding service that are driven by much more than just the fee. Here is a checklist of the various aspects that you need to look for in order to find the right provider.

  • Customer Service: The top most priority should be on customer service. A mail forwarding RV service may have happy as well as unhappy customers. Sometimes customers may be unhappy because an important mail was forwarded to the wrong address. If you find a service that has customers providing high ratings and positive reviews then that provider should be in your list.
  • Address: A professional mail forwarding RV service will provide you with a street address located at a prominent place.
  • Processing: This is another aspect that you need to consider. Processing includes receiving your mail and informing you about it.
  • Request: Is the RV mail forwarding service complying with all your requests like mail deliveries on specific days, holding your mail, offering flexibility of delivery schedule etc.
  • Additional Services: Last but not the least; check the various additional services that are being offered by the RV mail forwarding service in question. Some of the additional services provided by professional mail forwarders include mail scanning service, shredding services, notification app etc.

How can IncParadise help Rvers?

IncParadise is one of the top tier RV mail forwarding service providers in the country. We are considered reliable and professional by our existing customers and this is because our services take into consideration specific needs and requirements of each of our customers. We believe and understand that the need is different for RVers as compared to businesses and hence, we strive hard towards ensuring all your requirements are fulfilled. Some of the highlights of our mail forwarding services include:

  • Professional work ethics backed by a strong customer service
  • An actual street business address in Nevada and Wyoming
  • Different plans based on mail forwarding needs
  • An RV mail forwarding service accessible through an in-house app available for Android and iOS devices
  • Mail received at the mail center by in-house staff
  • Different types of additional services offered including mail scanning and shredding services.

Planning a RV road trip? Get the perfect Mail Forwarding Plan Today!