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Launching a start-up business is not as easy as it sounds and there are several aspects to consider including mail forwarding for start-ups. It is a known fact that every start-up business will get mails from the government offices like the Secretary of State, other public agencies, clients or customers, feedback or queries, vendors, and business associates and partners among others. Mail forwarding for a start-up ensures the business is able to receive any and all important mails without fail, so that the primary business activities are not hampered.

Introduction to Business Address for Startups

Mail forwarding services are extremely beneficial to startups, especially if you are someone who requires extensive traveling. This simply means that there is a possibility that you may not receive your mail on time or there is the risk of losing it in transit. A mail forwarding service ensures you receive all your important mails on time. It is also important to know that mail forwarding for start-ups is possible only if the company has a virtual or physical business address. The question is how can a business address really help a start-up?

How important is a Business Address for Start-ups?

A start-up is like a growing small business, which probably will have an office setup with few people or it may be completely home based. The importance here is not on the type of business activity but where the start-up operates from. Why is an address important for a start-up? An address will ensure proper mail forwarding for start-ups. When we talk of address and mail forwarding, there are two categories:

  • Businesses with a Street Address: This is a proper street address and not a P.O Box address and can be used for mail forwarding for start-ups. This type of address is highly useful for those start-ups that require a physical office to highlight legitimacy. A physical office is also useful for maintaining face-to-face communication with clients, customers, vendors etc.
  • Businesses without a Street Address: There are some start-ups that are operating completely online and they don’t really require a street address. A virtual mailbox for start-ups is just the right option for such businesses. As a part of this service, your start-up doesn’t require a street address as the service provider will collect or receive all mails on your behalf at their physical street address and then notify you through email. This provides a lot of privacy and security especially if a start-up doesn’t want their address to be public.

Common Business Address Providers for Start-ups

You are probably wondering if there are any commercial or common business address providers for start-ups that you could choose from. The primary goal of a business address provider is to help with mail forwarding for start-ups. Let’s look at the different categories that you can choose from:

  • Virtual Office: A virtual office for start-ups provides an entrepreneur or a small business with a physical address as well as office-related services without the need for any staff. You can also request mail forwarding services at your virtual office.
  • Virtual Mailbox Service: This is basically a type of digital mailbox service, which is accessible through a laptop, computer, or Smartphone. This is considered as one of the best virtual mailbox for start-ups as this offers a real street or business address for receiving all your important or work related mails.
  • Private Mailbox: Private mailbox is another service related to mail forwarding for start-ups. The providers of such a mailbox are normally situated in retail centers. They lease mailboxes that are more commonly linked to the address of their store. This type of mailbox can be rented from places like PostNet, The UPS Store, etc.
  • Co-working Space: These days’ startups opt for co-working spaces to cut down on their overheads or office rent. This kind of space is quite popular with entrepreneurs working remotely. It is basically a shared space within a specific office building or premises and can be used towards mail forwarding for start-ups.
  • Commercial Office: As the name suggests, a commercial office is unlike a virtual office for start-ups. It also provides a street business address and has to be rented out by the start-up.

Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding for Startups

Virtual mailbox for startups is a specialized service that allows entrepreneurs to get all their postal mail online. As an entrepreneur, you choose the physical address of the provider so that your mail can arrive at the provider facility. Depending on the provider services, any packages or mail will be scanned and uploaded to your virtual or digital mailbox.

Why is Virtual Mailbox the most preferred for Start-ups?

Startups and new businesses focus on budgeting and lowering their capital expenditure. In such a scenario a virtual mailbox for start-ups is one of the best options as then they won’t require a physical office. In fact, digital offices are becoming more popular with start-ups because they are cost effective as well as highly productive. The question that you are probably asking yourself is how will a virtual mailbox address the need for mail forwarding?

It is interesting to note that one of the primary features of a virtual mailbox for start-ups is that, it will provide you with a real street address and this will be the address for all your mailing requirements. There are several other features of the virtual mailbox that has made it immensely popular with entrepreneurs and home based businesses. These include:

  • Virtual office for startups initiates management of mail and packages almost 24/7
  • The service includes a mail or package scanning service
  • This service ensures there is lower shipping fee and the packages are consolidated
  • Mail forwarding for startups is available domestically as well as internationally
  • Mails or packages sent by a variety of carriers are accepted including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc
  • A virtual mailbox provide digital security to the mailbox
  • It is ideal for a variety of businesses and people, including expats, first time entrepreneurs, small businesses, travelers etc.

Experience the many advantages of using a virtual mailbox!

What are the Top benefits of using Virtual Mailbox for Start-ups?

A virtual office for start-ups is packed with several powerful features and they translate into benefits for the business or entrepreneur. Let us take a look into some of the top benefits.

  • Get a Street Address: One of the prime benefits is that you can get a street address without renting commercial space! A virtual office for start-ups means that you can work from home or anywhere in the world and your mail will be received at a physical address and then forwarded to you. The virtual mailbox service is widely acceptable as compared to a PO Box address. You can even use your virtual address in applications for credit cards, driver’s license, and other business filings. It will be as good as a commercial business address.
  • Highly Secure: One of the reasons for the popularity of virtual mailbox for start-ups is that it offers both privacy and security. How does it work? The mail or package is delivered directly to the physical address or the provider’s facility thus eliminating the need for a middleman. As a result, risk of loss, tampering, damage or even theft is minimized. The mails or packages will be scanned and uploaded to a digital mailbox, so that you can view it from anywhere in the world. All the online data will have high encryption levels thus making it more secure.
  • Privacy: There are several startups and home based businesses that don’t want their business address to be public. When you opt for virtual mail forwarding for startups, the mails are received at a secure address different from your home or personal address. This ensures high levels of privacy.
  • Check Mails on the Go: A virtual mailbox for start-ups is an ideal option for entrepreneurs traveling a lot. Whether it is a holiday outside the US or a conference anywhere across the nation, you will always have access to your mail.
  • Streamlined Process: The process of receiving mail and sorting it can be a time consuming process. It is a tedious task but virtual mailbox for start-ups helps in easing the entire process and thus saves time. This type of service helps in digitizing all incoming business mail while eliminating junk mail. This eases record-keeping and promotes a paperless office.

How IncParadise Mail forwarding helps your Start-up?

IncParadise is one of the reputed registered and mail forwarding agents in the nation. We believe that the mail forwarding requirements of every start-up and each entrepreneur varies and hence we have created different virtual mailboxes for start-ups plans. Some of the salient aspects of mail forwarding plans include:

  • You will enjoy privacy because your start-up will be allotted a street address in our office building.
  • All your mails will be received by us on your behalf and will be scanned daily and entered into our system. This makes the process streamlined.
  • Our mail forwarding for start-ups notification system will send an email to you updating mails received and scanned.
  • You will have the option of choosing what mails should be entered into the system.
  • You will have access to our state-of-the-art mail forwarding app that will provide you with notifications of new mail. You can also use the app to request for scans and provide special instructions regarding specific mails.
  • IncParadise can also digitally upload your mail to a cloud based storage service like Google Drive.

Choose a Mail Forwarding Plan & Get a Business Address!

Virtual Office for Start-ups

The age of online communication capabilities integrated with cloud technology has led to the popularity of virtual Offices for start-ups including home-based businesses. As a start-up or a modern day entrepreneur, you have to stay ahead of your competition and at the same time build a professional image. A virtual office for start-ups serves as a regular office without having to rent out space and yet you can enjoy many services.

What services Virtual Offices provides?

A virtual office for start-ups can have a variety of benefits and this range from providing credibility to strengthening brand image. One of the highlights of choosing a virtual office means that the overhead of running a start-up will be lower than the overhead of a standard or traditional work space. Some of the important services provided by these offices include:

  • Your business will be assigned a postal address so that mail forwarding for start-ups is possible.
  • These virtual offices also provide call forwarding. As a part of the service, you will be provided with a business phone number that can forward all your important calls to your phone.
  • You can benefit from discounted rates for accessing professional meeting rooms
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Mail sorting and scanning service