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How to obtain Clark County Business License and Permits

Clark County, Nevada offers many opportunities to small businesses in the form of opportunity programs that help businesses in developing best business practices, which will enable them to grow. If you are planning to establish your business in this county then you will be required to obtain a Clark County business license. This will ensure you are able to conduct your business properly.

An Introduction to doing business in Clark County, Nevada

Starting a small business or enabling a startup by obtaining a Clark County business license will open the door to several opportunities and a business friendly environment. Clark County is considered to be the economic center of Southern Nevada and is famous for the business district situated on the Las Vegas Strip. The two primary sectors playing a key role in driving the economy of this county are gaming and tourism. Clark County is home to several top companies including MGM Grand Las Vegas, Bellagio, Southwest Airlines, The Mirage, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Nellis Air Force Base among others.

Business in Clark County

A Clark County business license is mandatory for everyone from home based startups to small businesses running out of a commercial space. The economy of this county is driven by businesses and establishments in the Las Vegas Valley, which constitutes cities and communities like Henderson, North Las Vegas, as well as the unincorporated community of Paradise. Today, Clark County is home to more than 56,000 small, medium and large businesses and 86 percent of such businesses have less than 20 employees.

In fact, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Clark County has witnessed the formation of almost 7,600 new businesses since 2010 with 5,540 being small businesses. These statistics are indicators of how there has been a rise in the number of small businesses formed after applying for a Clark County business license. The good news is that whether small or large, businesses in Clark County have been on the receiving end of Nevada’s economic prosperity. One of the aspects worth noting is that some of the largest consumers of various types of goods and services that are being provided by small businesses in the county are actually large businesses and this has helped create a positive and robust business ecosystem like none other.

Obtaining Clark County Business License and Permits

Starting a new business in Clark County is a great decision keeping in mind the various benefits a business can derive in this county. The benefits can vary from support programs offered by the state and county for driving growth and development of small businesses as well as a variety of business incentives. In order to make your business operational, there are certain state and county specific requirements that every business needs to meet including a Clark County business license. Let’s take a look at all requirements necessary for obtaining Clark County business license and permits.

1. Create an LLC/Corporation

What type of business do you want to form in Clark County, Nevada? You can form different types of business in the county but the most popular forms are a Limited Liability Company and Private Corporations. The formation or incorporation procedure will be different based on the type of company you want to create and both types of business entities will be required to obtain a Clark County business license. A business corporation will have to file Articles of incorporation pursuant to NV Rev Stat § 78.030 (2017), while a Limited Liability Company is required to file Articles of organization pursuant to NV Rev Stat § 86.151 (2017). The new business registration documents will be filed with the office of the Nevada Secretary of State (SOS) or you can order directly from IncParadise as it will save you time. There are several requirements for starting a business and our additional services can help you fulfil those requirements. You will also be able to benefit from the association with an experienced company like IncParadise, which will help in ensuring everything is in order.

2. Obtain a Fictitious Name Certificate (DBA)

A DBA or ‘Doing Business As’ is also known as a Fictitious Business Name, or an assumed business name and filing of such a name ensures the public is informed about the true owner of a specific firm or business. If you have already formed a limited liability company (LLC) or a business corporation but want to operate your business under a different name then you will be required to file a DBA with the county clerk or you can order it through IncParadise. The filing should be in compliance with all requirements of NV Rev Stat § 602.020 (2017). It is important to apply for a DBA as you will be required to submit a copy of the fictitious name certificate for obtaining a Clark County business license.

3. Obtain a State Business License

One of the primary requirements that a business needs to fulfill prior to applying for a Clark County business license is obtaining a state business license. It is actually mandatory for all Title 7 business entities (LLC & corporations) to apply for a state business license pursuant to Chapter 76 of 2015 Nevada Revised Statutes. Since, obtaining a state business license is mandatory, we at IncParadise have included this as a part of your incorporation or business registration process and as result, all business related requirements will be fulfilled. You will be able to benefit from quick formation of business and compliance with all state requirements.

4. Obtain a retail sales permit (If Required)

In Clark County, if a business plans to purchase inventory of any products for reselling purposes then they will be able to do so without having to pay any sales tax. This is possible only if the business provides a Nevada Resale Certificate to their prospective vendors. Such a business will have to first apply for and obtain a Nevada Seller’s Permit from the Nevada Department of Taxation pursuant to chapters 372, 374 and 377 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. It is important to know that this is not applicable for all businesses applying for a Clark County business license but only those that plan to purchase and resell inventory.

5. Obtain a local license

Once you have the state business license and have fulfilled requirements of the state then you will be eligible to apply for a Clark County business license also known as a local license. The type of business license or permit and the fee for the same will be dependent on the type of business activity. For example, amusement Machines fall under the Arts, Entertainment, Recreation – Group 4 license category and the fee is $35 per player station, pool table or juke box.

Similarly, a Bakery business is categorized under ‘Other Manufacturing’ license and will have to pay a gross fee, which is determined by the gross revenue of the said business. Some businesses may require multiple local licenses or permits. It is also important to note that all Clark County business license applications have to be filed with a $45.00 non-refundable application fee and this is over and above the business license fee.

6. Obtain needed Environmental Permits

One of the important aspects of the Clark County business license process is identifying whether your business requires an environmental permit to operate in the county. Some businesses may require a single permit, some may require multiple while others may not require any permit at all. The need for a permit is dependent on the type of business activity and is issued by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). If your business activity causes discharge of wastewater or air pollutants; if you are planning to process solid waste or the business activity generates or recycles any hazardous waste then you will be required to apply for an environmental permit.

7. Obtain Special Permits (If required)

A Clark County business license is not the only requirement for making your business operational; you may also require special permits. These are permits that are applicable for specific businesses or business activities like a ‘Fire Prevention permit’ is necessary for restaurants, bars, warehouses etc. Similarly, there are Special Events Permits that are issued for temporary events and then there are Temporary Use Structure Building Permits. These are different permits that businesses can apply for with the County Departments like the Clark County Department of Building & Fire Prevention.

Register your New Business in Clark County Today

How can IncParadise help you?

Clark County, Nevada is one of the favorite destinations for starting a small business due to the rich infrastructure and stable economy. As a new business or startup company, we at IncParadise can help you with the process of registering your business in the state and also obtain the necessary documentation like Clark County business license to get the startup operational. We provide a range of business related service and you can benefit from:

  • The Services offered by our expert team – We at IncParadise believe that each business has a different goal or objective and in order to achieve that they would require exceptional support in terms of business formation and obtaining a state business license and a local Clark County business license. Hence, we have put in place a highly skilled team of professionals with experience in handling any support services that your business may require. The IncParadise team is also well equipped to answer any queries pertaining to business formation and Nevada licensing requirements.
  • Our other services for Nevada businesses – Business formation or incorporation is just the starting point of establishing your business in Nevada. There are several other requirements that each and every business needs to meet or be compliant with in order to become and remain operational. We at IncParadise provide several additional services that will help you to ensure your business is able to remain compliant with Nevada Statutes and Clark County Codes for businesses. Some of our additional services apart from helping obtain Clark County business license include annual report filing service, mail forwarding, application for Nevada EIN (Tax ID), Nevada virtual office services, and Foreign Qualification among others.

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