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How to obtain Douglas county Business License and Permits

Douglas County situated in the northwestern part of Nevada has witnessed a growth in overall economy, which constitutes formation of new businesses, increase in employment, and strengthening of various industries and sectors. If you are planning to start a new business in the county then you will have to obtain a state business license as well as a Douglas County business license.

An Introduction to doing business in Douglas County, Nevada

Whether small or medium sized; it is never an easy task to start a business. There are several requirements that you have to meet and this includes state specific requirements like a Nevada state license or a Douglas County business license as well as business specific requirements like keeping the overall cost of forming a business low. There are several industry sectors that have witnessed a rise in startups and new businesses in the county. One of the top sectors is the ‘Food & Agriculture’ sector that contributed in excess of $300 million to the economy of Douglas County. The food manufacturing output value was $190 million with the top food manufacturing industries being frozen fruits, coffee, tea, juices, vegetables, and canned fruits.

Business in Douglas County

Douglas County is home to different industries and businesses and one of the popular industries is tourism followed by gaming. It is known as the Sierra Region of Nevada as it is home to the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains. The mountains along with the southern shore of Lake Tahoe play a key role in the development of the tourism industry. Over the last few years, several small and medium sized enterprises with a Douglas County business license have been formed to cater to the rising demands of tourists visiting the county.

The diverse industry sectors in Douglas County constitute small businesses, startups, and medium sized enterprises. Some of the high revenue generating industries include manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, mining, and construction. The industries play a key role in attracting new business to the county but there are other factors as well like easy access to Nevada’s rail, and highway arterial infrastructure and the proximity to deep-sea ports as well as major US markets. You can start your business after obtaining a Douglas County business license as the county offers a pro-business tax structure as well as a regulatory environment.

Obtaining Douglas County Business License and Permits

Douglas County’s economic vitality vision and goals focus primarily on leadership and resource commitment towards education and innovation, which are also considered to be a part of the new age industry sectors. A new business after acquiring a Douglas County business license can take advantage of the various benefits and business incentives offered by the state and local administrations. The county has laid in place certain guiding principles that are meant to help businesses in the long run and this includes:

  • Improving business climate
  • Enhance education and workforce
  • Maintain exceptional quality of life
  • Preserve natural environment while strengthening infrastructure
  • Attract startups and businesses that are unique and marketable

The question is if you are planning to set up your business in this county then what is the process for obtaining a Douglas County business license? There are specific requirements that every business has to meet in order to conduct business in the county and they are:

1. Create an LLC/Corporation

There are different forms of business that you can form in Douglas County and the most popular forms are Private Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. The process of formation or incorporation is dependent on the type of company you want to create. This is one of the first steps towards obtaining a Douglas County business license. If you plan to form a private corporation then filing Articles of incorporation will be necessary (NV Rev Stat § 78.030) and to form an LLC filing Articles of organization will be required (NV Rev Stat § 86.151) to start a business in Nevada. The new business registration documents will be filed with the office of the Nevada Secretary of State (SOS) or alternatively you can order it through IncParadise as it will save you time. You can also benefit from the experience of IncParadise as one of the top registered agents in the state as well as the additional services provided by the company.

2. Obtain a Fictitious Name Certificate (DBA)

DBA is also known as “Doing Business As” name, a fictitious business name, or even a trade name. In the simplest of terms, if a person or a business entity conducts business under any other name other than it’s original name then that name is considered to be a DBA. If you are an individual or company planning to conduct your business under any other name then you will be required to file for a DBA certificate pursuant to Douglas County Codes 5.02.010. This has to be filed with the office of the county clerk. You will need to submit a copy of the certificate with your Douglas County business license application and you can also contact us to benefit from our expertise and professional assistance towards fulfilling your business filing requirements .

3. Obtain a State Business License

Each and every Title 7 Business Entity being formed in the state of Nevada has to apply for a state business license. A Title 7 business entity includes private corporation, LLC, LLP, LLLP, LP, and business trusts. It is mandatory to obtain state business licenses prior to applying for a Douglas County business license. A business entity is required to apply for the Nevada state license along with initial or annual list while being compliant to all requirements of NV Rev Stat § 76.100 (2015). The Nevada business license application has to be filed with the Secretary of State. Alternatively, you can opt for IncParadise incorporation of new company services as it includes filing of business license for Nevada.

4. Obtain a retail sales permit (If Required)

A retail sales permit is meant for those businesses that are going to be engaged in selling of tangible personal property. This permit is an additional requirement apart from the Douglas County business license and is applicable only to qualifying businesses. If a business has multiple locations then they will be required to apply for separate permits for each of those places of business. You will be required to apply to the Nevada Department of Taxation for a retail sales permit along with a fee of $15 for each business location.

5. Obtain a local license

You can apply for and obtain a Douglas County business license once you have fulfilled all requirements as required by Nevada Revised Statutes and Douglas County Codes. The local business license will be issued by the office of the Douglas County clerk. The type of business license or permit that you will require is dependent on the type of business activity. It is also important to note that some businesses may require multiple local licenses or permits like a restaurant serving alcoholic beverages will require food licenses and alcohol permits.

6. Obtain needed Environmental Permits

Will your business require environmental permits? This permit is required by specific businesses based on their business activity and this is an additional requirement apart from the Douglas County business license. The environmental permit is issued by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) as well as county authorities. This permit is required by those businesses whose activities may lead to:

  • Discharge of air pollutants
  • Discharge of wastewater from industrial processes
  • Discharge of waste due to construction activity
  • Storm water Discharge
  • Onsite Sewage Disposal

7. Obtain Special Permits (If required)

There are specific business activities that are permitted only when the concerned business obtains special permits. An example will be ‘special use permit’ as defined by Douglas County codes 20.604.010. This permit is issued by the planning department and ensures land use is permitted for specific businesses by right in a particular zoning district. Certain businesses also require special permits from the fire department or building department in order to conduct their businesses. These special permits are considered as additional licensing requirements apart from the state business license and Douglas County business license.

Register your New Business in Douglas County Today

How can IncParadise help you?

Douglas County is a growing economy that is already on the path towards strengthening their existing infrastructure. Once you have a Douglas County business license, you will be able to conduct business in the county and IncParadise as one of the most respected agents in Nevada is here to assist you in all aspects of business formation. IncParadise not only brings in its experience and expertise in helping businesses register in the state but can also provide a range of relevant services like:

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  • Our other services for Nevada businesses – The process of business formation requires submitting different documents, applying for state and Douglas County business licenses, obtaining tax ID (EIN), filing specific documents on time to avoid penalties etc. At IncParadise, we understand the processes and submissions can be time consuming and over-burdening for new businesses and hence, we offer a range of additional services that will ensure all essential requirements of businesses are taken care of. Some of our additional services include mail forwarding services in Nevada, virtual office, annual report filing service, and Nevada foreign qualification among others.

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