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Licensing a Home Based Business in Las Vegas

According to the GEM Entrepreneurship Report, 69 percent of startups in the USA are considered to be home based businesses. If you have been thinking about establishing a small business from your home in Las Vegas then this is probably the perfect time to do so. There are certain requirements your business has to meet including registration in the state and obtaining a home business license in Las Vegas.

An Introduction to Home Based Business License in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, considered as the entertainment capital of the world is also a great destination to start a home business. All types of businesses whether based out of commercial space or home-based require a state business license and also a local business license in Las Vegas. There are almost 38 million businesses in the U.S that are home based and this number is going to rise in the coming years. There are more individuals and entrepreneurs opting to start home-based businesses due to several benefits and hence it is important to ensure that the business can run without any hiccups. This is possible only if you apply for and obtain the necessary home business license in Las Vegas or any permits that may be required to operate your business legally.

What is a Home Based Business?

There are so many opportunities for entrepreneurs that home based businesses are becoming a trend. A home based business has often been the starting point for several big businesses like Apple Computer and Baskin-Robbins ice cream. A home-based business (HBB) is basically a type of small business that is operated from the business owner’s residence. The residence is known as a home office. There are several reasons why it is becoming a popular business option and they are:

  • Low start-up cost: One of the primary driving factors for home-based businesses is lower cost of operations. For example: Doing business in Las Vegas especially out of a commercial or industrial space may prove to be highly expensive but if you start off from your own home then you are saving on the rental cost.
  • Flexibility: A home-based business ensures flexibility in terms of work time and type of work. You will be able to spend more time working by cutting down time to commute. You can also work in different time zones depending on your convenience as well as client requirements.
  • Tax Benefits: There are several tax benefits of operating a home-based office. You will be able to deduct a part of your home expenses from your business income like property taxes, mortgage interest, utility bills etc. Of course, you can enjoy these benefits only if you have obtained a home business license in Las Vegas.

A home-based business depending on its location requires licenses and permits and in some regions there are residential zoning restrictions for such businesses. If you are planning to conduct business from your residence in Las Vegas, you will have to obtain a home business license in Las Vegas.

Operational standards for a home occupation permit from LVMC 19.16.180(G)(1)

Doing business in Las Vegas is easy if you meet all regulations and requirements including that of a business license for home-based businesses. The Las Vegas, NV Unified Development Ordinance governs the operational standards for a home occupation permit. The purpose of LVMC 19.16.180 is to ensure individuals are able to obtain a Home Occupation Permit. This permit allows limited types of income producing activities to be conducted from a residential building or unit.

Some of the operational standards for a home occupation permit from LVMC 19.16.180(G)(1) include:

  • It allows doing business in Las Vegas by the occupants of the residential dwelling unit and they should be engaged in a business activity that is approved by the permit.
  • There will not be any employees reporting for work nor can they be dispatched from the residential property.
  • If you are doing business in Las Vegas with the home occupation permit then you cannot transact business or offer to transact business with any clients or customers visiting your property.
  • You will not be permitted to display advertising or signage anywhere on the residential property
  • The permit doesn’t allow storage of any type of toxic chemicals or hazardous materials within the premises
  • The permit facilitates doing business in Las Vegas but doesn’t allow:
    1. Sale of vehicles by vehicle dealers pursuant to NRS Chapter 482
    2. Business involving ammunitions or explosives
    3. Operating a barber shop or beauty parlor
    4. Ambulatory or other emergency services

Planning to establish a home-based business in Nevada?

Applying for a Home Based Business License

A home business license in Las Vegas will ensure you are able to operate your business from your residence. There are various stages of licensing along with specific requirements that you need to fulfill. It is important to note that there are several types of small businesses that can get a business license to do business from their residence. At the same time, it is important to understand that a home-based business should not have any impact whatsoever on the immediate surroundings or neighborhood. Now, let’s look at the various stages and requirements for home business licenses.

Apply for your Nevada State Business License with the Nevada Secretary of State

The first step is to ensure you have the state business license. This license is mandatory for small businesses operating in the state of Nevada and is issued by the Nevada Secretary of State. According to NRS 76.100, it is mandatory for a business or individual to apply for and obtain a business license prior to doing business in Las Vegas. Failure to obtain a license may lead to penalties and in some cases operational restrictions. We at IncParadise can assist you with the process of filing for the state business license.

Apply for your Nevada State Sales & Use Tax Permit with the Nevada Department of Taxation

One of the important requirements prior to filing for a home business license in Las Vegas is to apply for the Nevada State Sales & Use Tax Permit. This is applicable for any individual, firm, partnership, etc., that is planning to engage in business in the state. You will be required to apply for this permit with the Nevada Department of Taxation-Compliance Division. You can go through our detailed guide on Nevada Taxes for businesses.

Apply online for Las Vegas home-based business license

You can apply for a home business license in Las Vegas by filing your printed license application with the City of Las Vegas-Business Services Division. Alternatively, you can file the application online. The normal turnaround time for processing a business license varies from 14 to 30 working days.

Business License Information

There are different types of businesses that you can start from your home or residence. The license fee for each type of business activity is different. Prior to doing business in Las Vegas, you will be required to apply for the relevant license.

How can IncParadise help you?

IncParadise is one of the most respected registered agents in the state of Nevada. Our primary objective is to facilitate sharing of information pertaining to formation of new businesses in the state. We will not only provide assistance by answering any business license related query you may have but also ensure you have all documents necessary for doing business in Las Vegas. You will be able to benefit from the following:

Our expert team will help you to obtain the required home based business license

There are primarily two types of licenses required to conduct your business in Las Vegas – state business license and local license. Our team of experts and experienced professionals will not only assist with the process of helping you apply for and obtain both licenses but also provide all information necessary for making an informed choice regarding doing business in Las Vegas.

Our other services in Nevada

Apart from helping you obtain a home business license in Las Vegas, IncParadise also provides a varied range of business related services. We can provide customized services specific to your business requirements. You can also benefit from additional services like forming or incorporating a new business in Nevada and state business license renewals.

Register your home based business in Las Vegas Today!