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One of the important considerations to be made while registering a business entity is identifying if you require a Nevada doing business as (DBA) registration. DBA refers to an entity that is said to be “doing business as” when the name they are operating under is different from their registered name.

Nevada DBA – Doing Business As

A Nevada doing business as (DBA) name is also known as an “assumed name”, “trade name” or “fictitious business name”. A business entity can assume any number of DBAs as there is no defined limit in the business laws. It is also important to note that unless you file for a DBA, you will not be able to conduct your business in any other name.

What is a DBA?

In order to understand Nevada doing business as (DBA), we need to understand what type of businesses requires DBA registration. A Nevada business would require a DBA registration if they want to transact business with any other name except for their registered name. In other words, every new or existing business has a “true name” also known as the legal name.

The legal name of a partnership or sole proprietorship would be the name of the business owners. The case is not the same for a business corporation, limited-liability company (LLC) or any other statutory business entity. The business name for such entities would be the name that has been mentioned or approved in their formation or incorporation documents. If and when a business entity requires a trade name, they will have to file a DBA or fictitious business name in Nevada. For example, if the owners of a start-up business named “Black Hat” want to conduct business as “Cryptic Linux” then they will have to file a DBA.

When you need a DBA?

If you are planning to register a new business in Nevada or have a business in any other state but are planning to start in Nevada using a different name then you will need to file for a Nevada doing business as (DBA).

It is important to understand that registering a fictitious business name in Nevada is not the same as incorporating your business and both have different processes. If you register the DBA without forming or registering your business entity in the state then the business will not be recognized under the law.

There are several reasons why a business entity or owner may need to register a fictitious business name in Nevada and some of these are:

  • New Name: The foremost reason for adopting a Nevada doing business as (DBA) name is if the owners don’t want to conduct business under their personal name. This is true for partnerships and proprietorships. If you are planning to register an LLC or business corporation then also the reason would be the same, which is not to use the legal name or registered name of the company.
  • Privacy: If you or your business requires privacy then you can opt for a fictitious business name in Nevada. In Nevada, once you register your business name or personal name for business purposes, it will automatically go on public record.
  • Distinctive Name: There are times when a business may register a name and realize that the name has no connection with the business. For Example: If you have a Plant Nursery and you have registered it as Joe Fish (owner name) or Green Leaf LLC then you can file for a Nevada doing business as (DBA) as Potting Plants. The name would provide a clear insight at what the business offers or its activities.
  • Bank Requirements: A bank may require an entity to register a DBA to facilitate the opening of a business account. This is true in cases of sole proprietorships and general partnerships. You may be required to show the bank copy of documents for a fictitious business name in Nevada filing or even assumed name certificates as proof.
  • Expansion: If your existing business is expanding into another area that is completely different from the current business activity then filing a Nevada doing business as (DBA) name will definitely be a distinct advantage.

Do you want assistance with DBA in Nevada?

How to choose a fictitious business name

There are specific laws in place when it comes to adopting a fictitious business name in Nevada. It is important to note that there are some limitations applicable to adoption of certain fictitious names pursuant to NV Rev Stat § 602.017 (2017). In order to choose the correct DBA for your Nevada business entity, you need to consider the following:

  • A person or individual cannot adopt any Nevada doing business as (DBA) name that has “Corporation,” “Incorporated”, “Corp.,” “Limited Liability Company”, “L.L.C.” or “LLC” in its title unless they own a business corporation or Limited-Liability Company.
  • You can brainstorm concepts or ideas pertaining to a DBA in the same way that you would choose a standard business name.
  • You need to ensure that the chosen fictitious business name in Nevada is distinguishable from any other name that exists in the records of the County Clerk. You can conduct your search with the county where you are planning to operate your business from. For example: If you are planning to form a business in Clark County then you can search for a DBA in their Records Search System.

How to file a Nevada DBA

It is important to know that in Nevada, a DBA is not filed at the state level and instead you will have to file it with the County Clerk’s office. The filing requirements as well as fictitious business name in Nevada requirements may vary from one county to another.

Nevada DBA Forms

If you plan to establish your Nevada business in Clark County you can file the DBA directly or We at IncParadise can assist you with the filing to save time. The fee for the Nevada doing business as (DBA) filing with the Clark County Clerk’s Office would include the following:

  • NV Clark County DBA filing – $75
  • USPS Shipping of Certificate – Free
  • USPS Express Mail Shipping of Certificate – $30.50
  • USPS Express International Shipping of Certificate – $74.25

Your Nevada DBA will expire 5 years from the date of filing and you will have to renew same from the respective county clerk office.

How IncParadise can help you with Nevada DBA

IncParadise is one of the most reputable registered agent in Nevada and we can assist you with the process of business formation as well as Nevada doing business as registration. We provide DBA filings in Clark County, Nevada and this ensures you are able to use your fictitious name for conducting business in cities like Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Laughlin.

We can also provide assistance with finding the right fictitious business name in Nevada and thus help you avoid using any names that the state of Nevada may find to be deceptive. This will ensure timely filing of the DBA.