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I am from Germany and want to start company in the U.S.A.

Date: 10/08/2007 | Category: Banking, Incorporation | Author: developers

hallo to the incparadies-team,before i start: i come from germany, so please excuse my english if it is not correct.
my name is robert and i have found your company in google.
i am interested in an company formation in nevada.
i have already a company in england but i want to open a new one in the usa because of the low tax-rates in nevada.i am software-developer and sell over the internet.

is it possible that you setup an company for me together with an bank account including online-banking and send me all with ups?

i stay outside the usa.

thank you for your answer.

Hello Robert, Nevada is a great state for doing business. Most of the U.S. states have state taxes and Nevada doesn’t have state taxes for individuals or corporations. We can help you start a new Nevada corporation. Our fee is $89+ state fee. Complete package comes to $283.

But we cannot open a bank account. Only person authorized by the corporation can open the bank account. Most of the banks will require you to come to a bank branch personally. Some banks have easier rules for international clients. For example Bank of America is great for international clients without an SSN, but they will have to come into a branch. For US citizens, they can sign up here in Nevada, and sign a card in their local branch. See more info here.