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Shareholder Minutes

Wondering what Shareholder Minutes are? Shareholder meetings can range from brief and informal to complex and formal, depending on the type of meeting and the number of shareholders. Minutes of a Shareholder Meeting is a document that records every detail about the shareholder meeting. From everyone present at the shareholders’ meeting, to what happened during the meeting.

What are Shareholder Minutes?

Shareholder minutes are written consents or legal records of your officials and what was discussed in the shareholder meetings, what the final conclusion of the meeting was and how it has helped.

Importance of Shareholder Minutes

The Board and Shareholders are expected to meet periodically (the regularity of your meetings will depend on where you are incorporated). The shareholder minutes are a record that the meeting happened.

The Board’s purpose is to provide management an oversight of the company. In order for that to happen, the management needs to let them know what the company is doing. The minutes are a legal record that the management did their jobs.

The Board and Shareholders are expected to approve certain types of company activities. These activities will be listed in the company Articles of Association. The minutes and consents are a legal record that the Board and Shareholders were informed of the activity and approved it.

Golden rules for minutes and written consents?

  • Always make sure to send copies of signed minutes and signed written approvals to your legal counsel.
  • Work Clean and Stay Clean. It is advisable to file your minutes and consents by year and by date.
  • If you have given the board supporting documents such as a board deck or a list of options that needs approval, file that together with the minutes and consents.
  • If discussions happened via email, save those as well.

When would I use this document?

The Shareholder Minutes would most likely be used for the Annual Shareholders Meeting but can be modified to record any Shareholders Meeting. Drafters are urged to check the Corporation’s incorporating statute for meeting the requirements since it will require annual shareholders meetings to negotiate prescribed business, as well as other meetings for several situations. The statute may also authorize the use of written resolutions signed by all the shareholders instead of meetings.

Who signs this document?

A person designated by the by-laws of the Corporation or the Corporation’s Shareholder Agreement is authorized to sign the Minutes of a Shareholder Meeting.

How can IncParadise Help Me?

At IncParadise, we can understand that when you start a new Corporation, you need to hold an organizational meeting of the directors and shareholders. We are aware of the fact that each year around the anniversary date of your incorporation you must have an annual meeting of the directors and shareholders. To keep the records of the minutes, we are here to help you!

Corporation Organizational Meeting

It will cost you only $25.00. We provide services for:

  • The waiver of notice for shareholder and director meetings.
  • Electing officers of the Corporation (President, Treasurer and Secretary).
  • Minutes from Director meeting.
  • Issuing shares and determining ownership.
  • Minutes from Shareholder meeting.
  • Adopting bylaws.
  • Electing Board of Directors.

LLC Organizational Meeting

It will cost you only $20.00. We assist in:

  • Providing LLC Operating Agreement.
  • Establishing operating procedures for a Limited-Liability Company.
  • Vesting management in the members or in the designated manager.

Corporation Annual Meeting

It will cost you only $20.00. We will provide you:

  • Waiver of notice for shareholders and directors meetings.
  • Minutes from Directors meeting.
  • Electing officers of the Corporation (President, Treasurer and Secretary).
  • Minutes from Shareholder meeting.

This is our full service using template documents. You will tell us when the meeting is held, who will be elected, etc. We also offer self-service on your client account. What else will we provide?

  • We will prepare the documents.
  • We will email them to you, signature ready, in PDF files.
  • We will also upload the forms in your account with us (
  • You will have a copy available online in case you lose the originals.

Order online your Organizational or Annual Meeting Minutes! For further information, you can contact our professional team at