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Mail forwarding for expats is a special service that has been created to ensure US expats are able to receive their mail even when they are living overseas. A mail forwarding service takes care of everything from receiving to sorting and managing mail including personal, business, or professional mail.

An Introduction to Expat Mail Forwarding

If you have a business in the US and are moving abroad for an extended period or if you are an American expat with a business address in any state, what happens to your mail? You would keep receiving mail at your business address and this may include important business letters or personal mail like insurance documents. There is also a high probability that the mail or documents could be lost or stolen in your absence. There is only one way to ensure you receive your important mail and that is by opting for a mail forwarding service for US expats.

What is Expat Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding for expats is a service that has been created solely for the purpose of helping expatriates in getting all their important mails from the US. As a part of the mail forwarding service for US expats, you will be provided with a mailing address, which are usually street addresses and not a P.O Boxes. This address can be used for receiving mail, sorting, managing, and scanning of any and all mail for the expats. The salient aspect is that mail scanning ensures that there is always a digital record of scanned documents that expats can access any time. This also translates into the fact that your mail will never be lost.

Why need an Expat Mail Forwarding?

An expatriate or expat is a person who is residing or is planning to reside in any country other than their own country. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners that have businesses in the U.S and are either travelling abroad or residing abroad. What happens to their important business or personal mail? This is where mail forwarding service for US expats plays a key role.

The need for mail forwarding for expats arises out of the fact that either you are traveling or residing abroad. Normally, if you move from one country to another then your mail address would have moved too. In such a scenario, you will have to either inform everyone of the new address or simply opt for a mail forwarding service that caters to expats. This service would allow you to access all your mails or get your mail at the new address.

When you choose a mail forwarding service for US expats, you will be able to:

  • Provide a local street address to everyone in the U.S and all mails by default will be delivered to this address
  • The mails received at this address will be sorted, scanned, and uploaded on a cloud network or emailed to you
  • You can access all your mails or you can even provide preferences on what types of mails should be forwarded to you.
  • You will not have to worry about any unwanted junk mails as they will be disposed of securely.
  • Most importantly, mail forwarding for expats ensures a hassle free service especially where Federal customs is concerned. Normally, Federal customs require forms to be filled for forwarding mail overseas. In your case, the mails are being received locally and scanned and sent to your account thus avoiding unnecessary waiting time and hassle of international mail shipping with custom declaration.

Expat Mail Forwarding Services

Experts from the industry believe that choosing a reputable mail forwarding service for US expats will help in minimizing the risk of losing important mails. Simultaneously, it pays to know the benefit that expats can derive by opting for mail forwarding services. The benefits vary from one service to another although most reputable mail forwarders like IncParadise provide the following services.

Virtual Mailing Address Service for Expats

A Gallup poll or report in 2019 revealed that the American Diaspora or American citizens living abroad temporarily or permanently including expats and digital nomads is estimated at 9 million. Most of these American citizens receive their mail from the US either through the US Postal Mail service or by using a virtual mailbox service. The Virtual Mailbox Service is a service dedicated towards ensuring mail forwarding for expats. How does this work?

  • A virtual mailbox service provides expats with a physical address in a prominent location. This address can be used for directing all your business or personal mail.
  • A service provider like IncParadise will provide you with a business address and this address will be used for the purpose of mail forwarding for expats.
  • Every time, a mail is received; a scan of the envelope will be sent to your cloud account or email registered with the provider.
  • Once you receive the scan, you can decide whether the mail needs to be discarded as junk or it should be opened, scanned and its content forwarded to you.

One of the salient benefits of this type of mail forwarding service for US expats is that it will help you to maintain anonymity of your location.

International Business Mail Forwarding Service

The international business mail forwarding service is targeted at expats operating business in the US while residing abroad permanently and entrepreneurs residing abroad on a temporary basis. Either ways, as an expat or an entrepreneur, you will need to be in communication with your clients, vendors, partners etc. You may also be required to act upon certain documents or reply to letters especially those concerning important client or business deals. This is where the international mail forwarding for expats provides the following benefits:

  • A Real Street Address: Yes, you will get a real street address and not a P.O Box. This means that you can not only receive mail on the address but also share it for business purposes.
  • Privacy: Since, the street address provided is not your official address, your location of business or residence will remain anonymous. This is quite helpful for avoiding embarrassing situations, legal notices, and junk mails.
  • Mail Scanning: This international mail forwarding for expats service ensures that all your important mails are scanned on a daily basis.
  • Special Instructions: You can also provide special instructions regarding specific mails like what type of mail should be digitally scanned and emailed and what should be discarded.
  • Quick access: You will be able to read your U.S mail from anywhere in the world on the same day that it is received with the mail forwarding service for US expats. At IncParadise, we have developed a mail forwarding app that will help you see notifications of incoming mail in real time. Our mail forwarding app has an intuitive interface and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This ensures businesses can enjoy all the features and derive maximum benefits.
  • Secure Storage: As a part of the international business mail forwarding service, all your important documents will be scanned and stored on a secure account, so that you can access it anytime you need.

Enjoy convenient and secure mail forwarding service for Expats

Digital Mail Forwarding Service

Digital mail forwarding service is a type of mail forwarding service for US expats that offers you access to online mail as well as document management. There are other benefits like a highly secured cloud storage account. There are several reasons for its popularity among expats and entrepreneurs and they are:

  • Mail Access: Digital mail forwarding for expats is like a virtual mailbox that allows you to access and manage your mail using any device like a Smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Personal Box: The virtual mailbox is an integral part of the digital mail forwarding service as it provides you with a commercial address and a personal box number.
  • User-friendly interface: The mails can be accessed with ease through a secure and extremely user friendly interface. A reputable digital service provider like IncParadise will provide you with a mail forwarding app with mail sent or received notifications.
  • All couriers accepted: One of the benefits of a reputable digital mail forwarding service for US expats is that mail through all couriers are accepted like USPS, FedEx, UPS etc.

The role of a digital mail forwarding service is to transform all your snail mail into a well managed and secure digital solution.

A Virtual Office in Nevada

If you have a business in the US and are planning to move abroad permanently or temporarily, your existing business activity should not be hampered. One of the ways to ensure that the business is not affected is by opting for a virtual office with an option of mail forwarding for expats. A virtual office will provide you with some of the key services required to run a business without your having to actually rent a brick-and-mortar office space. Some of the salient aspects of a virtual office are:

  • Professional Image: A virtual office will provide you with an actual street address, which you can use for all purposes of your business including mail forwarding for expats. You can share this address with your clients and you can also use it for opening a bank account. This address will help in building your credibility and professional image.
  • Never Lose your mail: A virtual office will be able to fulfill all requirements related to mail forwarding service for US expats. You don’t have to worry about business mail getting stolen or misplaced. All your important mails will arrive at the virtual office address, and they will be scanned and sent to you.

Your Virtual Office in Nevada will help you to stay connected with your business!