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An entrepreneur with an established business in one state may require to move temporarily or may be planning to relocate to another state. The relocation or a temporary move may be due to several business or personal reasons but the question is what happens to their mail in such a scenario? The modern day solution would be to opt for a specialized service like mail forwarding for temporary relocation.

An Introduction to Forward Mail

Mail forwarding or forward mail has existed for several decades. Earlier it was with postal services and now it is with digital or electronic services including email. In the simplest of forms, forward mail also known as mail forwarding refers to providing an alternate address where you can receive your mail post relocation. You can choose from a variety of mail forwarding options right from using P.O. Boxes and temporary mail pickup to specialized forwarding services. The essence of forward mail lies in the fact that you can receive all your important business mail even when you have moved from one state to another or from one country to another.

Why forward your mail?

Although traditional mail or snail mail is considered to be reliable, there is a downside as well. Hypothetically, if you are moving out of your state, or locating temporarily to another state or even another country, where will you receive your snail mail? This is not all that you have to worry about; you will also have to consider the fact that important client mail or business related documents may get misplaced or stolen since there is no one to receive mail on your behalf at the address registered with the post office or couriers. The best option in such a scenario is to choose mail forwarding for temporary change of address.

The concept of forward mail works on the premise that all your important mail can be received at a specific address on your behalf by a reliable mail forwarding service like IncParadise. Your mail can then be forwarded digitally in real time. This ensures, mail and business documents are not lost, stolen, or damaged and are safely sent over to you. Depending on the requirements of businesses, there are several mail forwarding options to choose from. Hence, forwarding your mail will save time and money, be convenient, and highly secure.

Forward your mail using USPS

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the many providers offering different mail forwarding options to businesses and individuals. Mail forwarding is a process that is normally requirement specific. If you are an entrepreneur who is on the move or travels a lot then your requirement would be different from that of a business. As an entrepreneur, you can opt for regular forward mail by USPS or choose virtual mailbox offered by IncParadise. One of the other mail forwarding options is P.O. Box but it is not considered as the most reliable and budget friendly option for start-ups.

The regular forward mail is targeted at those entrepreneurs or individuals who are making a permanent or temporary move. The virtual mailbox is different from most mail forwarding options offered by USPS and is targeted at entrepreneurs, businesses, and expats. The mail forwarding services offered by IncParadise are tailored and offer flexibility of options to entrepreneurs and businesses in-terms of:

  • You requirement of mail forwarding for temporary relocation or permanent move
  • Your need for a physical address without the need for owning an office space
  • Mail delivery along with sorting, scanning, and other relevant services

Forward your mail using Mail Forwarding by IncParadise

In the world of competitive business environment, timely delivery of mail has an important role to play. We at IncParadise believe that each business and customer’s requirement is different and unique. Hence, we offer you mail forwarding options that will not only help you receive all your important mail in one centralized location but will not be expensive. Yes, there are several providers out there but our mail forwarding service has a user base of more than a 1000 clients and this is because we provide a range of services driven to help new businesses gain a stronger foothold.

The virtual mailbox by IncParadise has been created to ensure:

  • Most mail requirements of businesses, expats, and entrepreneurs are handled in a flexible and timely manner
  • Mail forwarding services are streamlined so that businesses are able to increase work productivity
  • Mail is received at a single prominent location
  • Mail is scanned and sent directly to you thus cutting out the middleman
  • The virtual mail forwarding for temporary and permanent relocation is budget friendly
  • A business address is provided as a part of this service thus ensuring businesses not only benefit from mail forwarding but also gain from a positive business image.

One of the salient highlights of our mail forwarding services is an innovative app that can be used by our clients to receive new mail notifications, provide special instructions, and much more.

A Mail Forwarding Service that is Convenient, Flexible, and Secure!

Why Use a P.O. Box?

P.O. Boxes are normally created by businesses or entrepreneurs when they are looking at mail forwarding options. One of the benefits that entrepreneurs derive is that they get a permanent address for receiving mail, especially if they are travelling or moving to another state on a temporary basis. A P.O. Box can be used for receiving both personal and official mail.

What is a P.O. Box?

A P.O. Box is the abbreviation for a post office box and it is a lockable box located within the premises of a post office. A P.O. Box can be used by businesses and individuals as each business or individual will be provided with a unique address often known as a PO Box number. If you are looking for mail forwarding for a temporary time period then this is one of the options.

The type and size of P.O. Box may be different for government and private carriers but they are all used for forwarding your mail. The mail forwarding options may also differ from one carrier to another. For instance some carriers specify the maximum size of a package that can be held safely in a P.O. Box while other carriers allow only mail and some others allow 24/7 P.O. Box access.

How a P.O. Box can help?

A P.O. Box can be used by an entrepreneur or start-up business for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons being:

  • If you are considering mail forwarding for temporary move then a P.O. Box can be useful. They can also be hired if you are looking to move out permanently.
  • Your mail will be stored securely in a locked box within the post office premises and this reduces the risk of losing important mail or documents.
  • P.O. Boxes are available in 5 different sizes to accommodate mail and packages. The size varies from X Small to X large.
  • Depending on the size, P.O. boxes can fit anything from 10-15 letter-sized envelopes to 2 shoeboxes and parcels.
  • A P.O. Box is one of the most popular mail forwarding options because it provides a permanent address and this is especially useful for a startup business.
  • Since all your mail including business correspondence will have the P.O. Box address this simply means that there will be more privacy with respect to your personal and home address.
  • A P.O. Box is normally accessible with a key or lock combination making it highly secure.
  • Your mail will be delivered faster since P.O. Boxes are within the premises of a Post Office.

Use Virtual Mail Address & Digital Mail Service

Even though there are a variety of mail forwarding options available for entrepreneurs and businesses, a virtual mail address is becoming more and more popular. A virtual mail address is an integral part of the modern day post box also known as the Digital Mailroom. A digital mailroom or digital mail service refers to automation of the incoming mail process, which means instead of physically sorting out and manually consolidating mail, capture and scanning technology will be used for digitizing mail.

What is Virtual Mail Address?

A virtual address is a physical street address that is located in a prominent center within a specific state. This address can be used by businesses or entrepreneurs with need of mail forwarding for temporary move or permanent relocation. A virtual mail address is provided by reputable mail forwarders like IncParadise to ensure you receive all your important mail on time and at a fraction of the cost you would pay to rent an office space.

Using Digital Mail Service from IncParadise

We, at IncParadise believe that each business and each client has different mailing requirements. Our digital mail service not only provide mail forwarding options but has also been created keeping in mind the importance of your mail especially when you are relocating or moving to another state or abroad. The highlights of our digital mail service include:

  • You will get an actual street address where all your mail can be received by experienced administrative staff. This will ensure you don’t have to rent office space and pay for any administrative staff to sort and deliver mail.
  • The digital mail service ensures all mail received on your behalf is scanned and entered into our system.
  • We have a special mail forwarding app for iOS and Android, which you can use to get notifications every time a mail is received at the virtual mail address.
  • You can even schedule your mail forwarding options on a weekly or monthly basis, so that we can forward your mail accordingly.
  • You can also benefit from the option of autoscan for all or important mail received.
    Our virtual mail address ensures that you will never lose your mail nor will it be stolen or damaged.

Get a Virtual Mail Address for your Business!