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Nevada is one of the most popular states for new business formation because of its favorable business climate and a strong regulatory environment. It may not be an easy process to register your Limited Liability Company as there are several documents that are required to be submitted but a Nevada LLC Registered Agent like IncParadise can make it easier for you to form your business.

Introduction – Nevada LLC Registered Agent

One of the most important steps towards forming a Limited Liability Company in Nevada is appointing a registered agent. The appointment of a Nevada LLC Registered Agent is necessary because:

  • This is mandatory in Nevada according to Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 86 and Nevada Code – Chapter 77
  • A Registered agent will ensure “service of process”

In Simpler terms, a Nevada LLC Registered Agent is an individual or a company that accepts “service of process” or legal notices and mail on behalf of the business entity. A registered agent is considered to be a third party and in some states they are also known as a statutory agent or resident agent.

It is also important to note that Nevada Registered Agent Service can be offered by two types of agents and they are:

  • Commercial Registered Agents
  • Non-Commercial Registered Agents

The distinction between a commercial and non-commercial registered agent has been established by the Model Registered Agents Act (MoRAA). This act came into effect in 2006 with the joint effort of the International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) and American Bar Association (ABA). Nevada is one of the 11 states, where a commercial registered agent is responsible for business formation and service of process.

Who is a commercial registered agent?

The Model Registered Agents Act (MoRAA) states that a commercial registered agent will be considered as a Nevada LLC registered agent if such an individual or entity is featured in the registered agent listing statement with the Nevada Secretary of State. IncParadise is one of the most reputed Nevada commercial registered agents listed in the state and provides a multitude of services for new and existing businesses.

What exactly does your Nevada LLC Registered Agent do?

A registered agent also known as a commercial registered agent in the state of Nevada provides assistance towards new business entity formation and ensures proper maintenance of business records and timely renewals and submission of documents of existing businesses. The Nevada registered agent service is multi-faceted but some of the most important benefits to business entities include:

  • Service of process on business entities: This is the most important Nevada registered agent service and it is governed by NV Rev Stat § 77.390 (2015). The responsibility of the chosen registered agent according to NV Rev Stat § 86.261 (2015) is to receive the service of any process or notice or demand as permitted or required under law, on behalf of the limited-liability company.
  • Duties under Model Registered Agents Act: There are specific duties as specified under NV Rev Stat § 77.400 (2015) that your chosen registered agent is required to fulfil. For example, send notices or demand to the address recently provided by you. This ensures you are always in communication with the office of the Nevada Secretary of State.
  • Point of Contact: One of the salient highlights of the Nevada registered agent service is to act as “single point of contact” so that the office of the Secretary of State is able to communicate effortlessly with the business entity.
  • Provide Privacy: Privacy is important to any business especially when they are served notices by government or state departments. One of the finer aspects of Nevada registered agent service for a Limited Liability Company is to receive state department officials like sheriffs on behalf of the entity and thus help businesses maintain high levels of privacy.
  • Business Formation: What type of documents do you have to submit with the Secretary of State to form your Limited-Liability Company in Nevada? Can the formation processes with expedited? Where do you need to file the formation documents? What information is required to be submitted? These are some of the questions that you may be worried about and this is where a reputed Nevada LLC registered agent like IncParadise will provide valuable assistance to ensure the new business formation processes are not disrupted.
  • Business Documents: Once a Limited Liability Company is formed in Nevada, there are several other requirements that it may have to fulfill to remain active in the state. A business entity will have to file for EIN, submit initial list & annual report, apply for a business license etc. An integral part of the Nevada registered agent service includes receiving business and tax related documents as well as notifications and also assist with filing of appropriate documents within the stipulated time or due date.

A Specific service or multiple services, IncParadise provides all!


Can I be my own Registered Agent for my Nevada LLC & its Limitation?

Yes, you can be your own Nevada LLC registered agent. Normally, this is an area that is seen as a valid option by single owner LLCs although multiple owner or member LLCs can also opt for it. The primary requirement is that you should have a street address in the state. It doesn’t matter whether you are a resident of Nevada or from another state as long as you have a Nevada address but a post office box address in the state will not be accepted.

A local address is required specifically for “service of process” so that any business notifications or mails sent by the office of the secretary of state can be received by the business or the agent. When you act as an individual agent, you will have to provide Nevada registered agent service like being available during business hours through the week as government officials or representatives from the sheriff department can visit the physical address provided.


Are there any limitations of being your own registered agent? Yes, there are some limitations, which are as follows:

  • Public Record: An LLC has to submit information pertaining to the owners, managers, or members, and Nevada LLC registered agent with the Secretary of State. As a result, your address will get listed on the public records and will be accessible to anyone. This could lead to lack of privacy.
  • Home Address: Since you can use your home address as the address for “service of process”, this can open the doors of your home to litigants and those planning to sue the LLC. This will also affect your privacy.
  • High personal costs: If you choose to be your own registered agent then this may have a high personal cost as you will have to be readily available for any Nevada registered agent service required by the company. This may interfere with your business time like cancelling a business or offsite meeting as you have to remain at the office to receive documents.
  • Organized and knowledgeable: You need to possess information right from the duties of a registered agent to formation and handling of various processes related to the business like filing annual list or applying for EIN. Simultaneously, you will have to be organized so that you don’t miss out on annual filing due dates and also keep all business documents secure. Missing deadlines for a subpoena or legal request will have a negative impact on your business.

Why choose IncParadise as your Nevada LLC Registered Agent?

It is not just Nevada registered agent service that IncParadise provides but also has expertise in providing customized services based on specific requirements of a business entity. A business entity planning to form in Nevada will have to go through several processes and extensive documentation. Our services are focused at making the entire process of business formation easy and smooth.

IncParadise is in compliance with the Nevada Revised Statutes and Administrative Codes NRS 77.390, NRS 78.090, and NAC 77.015, and NV Rev Stat § 86.231 (2013) including having a physical address in Nevada. When it comes to Nevada registered agent service, we offer a range of services that a start-up as well as an existing business can benefit from by paying a small additional fee. Some of the salient features include:

IncParadise, a reputable Nevada LLC registered agent and as a listed commercial agent is responsible towards formation of more than 10,000 business entities.

Nevada LLC Formation will be a breeze
with IncParadise!