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Nevada is quite a popular state for start-ups and is home to 270,079 small businesses, which has created 19,397 net new jobs. The economy grew at an annual rate of 4.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2018, which is faster than the US growth rate at 3.4%. In the last few years, the Nevada Legislature has undergone deliberate changes that makes the Nevada of today an extremely business friendly state. This is one of the many reasons why people are forming Limited Liability Companies in this state but what is the overall Nevada LLC cost of doing business?

Filing the Articles of Organization

If you are planning to form a Limited-Liability Company in Nevada then its formation will be governed by Chapter 86 of the 2017 Nevada Revised Statutes. There is a Nevada LLC forming fees of $75 (state fee). In order to form an LLC, you will be required to file the Articles of Organization and the state fee with the Secretary of State at 202 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701-4201.

Nevada Initial List

Normally, when you are forming an LLC, all you have to file with the state authority is the Articles or Certificate of Organization along with a certificate of good standing. In some states like Nevada, you will be required to file an Initial List of Managers or Members, Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change, and State Business License along with the Articles of Organization. The filing of the initial list hence becomes a part of the Nevada LLC forming fees and it has to be filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to NV Rev Stat § 86.176 (2013). The initial list contains:

  • Name and address of each member of the LLC
  • Name and address of each manager of the LLC

The breakdown of Nevada LLC cost for filing the initial list along with the articles is:

  • Articles of Organization: $75
  • Nevada Initial List: $150
  • State Business License: $200

Other Costs

There are different types of costs including Nevada LLC annual fees that your business will incur during and post registration. The costs will vary from one business to another depending on specific requirements of the LLC being formed. Some of the documents that your business may require include Certificate of Amendment, Name Reservation, Certificate of Correction, Merger, and Articles of Conversion among others. Let us take a quick look at some of the other costs that you may incur in Nevada.

Nevada LLC Annual Costs

There are certain annual requirements for businesses being formed in the state of Nevada. The annual requirement varies according to the type of business like a Limited Liability Company is required to submit an Annual List also known as the Annual Report and also renew their business license. The Nevada LLC annual fees are $350, which constitutes $150 for filing of annual list and $200 for business license renewal.

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Nevada LLC Registered Agent

The Nevada law NRS 77.390 and NV Rev Stat § 86.231 (2013) requires domestic and foreign entities to designate and maintain a Nevada LLC registered agent. The primary duty of a registered agent is to enable service of process but an agent can also provide several other services like business formation, name reservation, annual list submission prior to due date, and also customize services according to business need. The Nevada LLC cost of maintaining a registered agent varies on whom they choose.

IncParadise is one of the most established registered agent services in Nevada and offers a cluster of services and information to new and existing businesses. We also provide services specific to your needs as well as store your documents on a secure online platform. The Nevada LLC annual fees for maintaining a registered agent is determined by the following:

  • Client Registered Agent: Free
  • Choosing IncParadise as NV Registered Agent: $89
  • Nevada filing fee for Registered Agent change: $65

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Additional services in Nevada

A business entity or start-up can take advantage of the Nevada business climate and incentives by registering in the state. We take pride in helping businesses form and operate in the state by taking care of documentation and filings. There are several additional services that we provide and the cost is not included in the basic Nevada LLC forming fees.

Nevada address and mail forwarding

A start-up planning to register their business in Nevada needs to have a physical address pursuant to the 2015 Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 86. You might not have a physical address in Nevada but that should not discourage you from registering in the state. IncParadise help you obtain a physical address so that you can conduct your business with ease and the Nevada LLC annual fees for the same will be quite nominal.

Mail forwarding is a special service through which a business or an individual residing outside Nevada can access their business mails effortlessly.

EIN Assistance

Although Nevada does not have any corporate income tax, your business may be required to file a Nevada business tax like sales and use tax, Modified business tax (MBT), or the Commerce Tax. As a start-up LLC, you will be required to apply for the 9-digit unique Employee Identification Number (EIN). This number is assigned to every business in Nevada and across the country by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The application and cost of applying for EIN is a one-time payment Nevada LLC cost. Our team of experts will not only provide information specific to the EIN but will also obtain this Tax ID from IRS on your behalf at just $45.

Nevada Certificate of Good Standing

The Nevada certificate of good standing is a document certifying the existence of your limited liability company legally. This certificate is issued by the Secretary of State if a business entity meets all requirements including those prescribed in NRS 78.152 or NRS 86.274. This certificate is also known as a “Tax Status Compliance Certificate” and the cost of applying for a certificate of good standing is a one-time Nevada LLC cost. IncParadise can obtain this certificate on your behalf.

Nevada Apostille

The Nevada Apostille is a specialized certificate, which is issued to a business entity or LLC by the Nevada Secretary of State. This certificate is issued to authenticate original business documents. The documents that can be legitimized using the Apostille include Articles of Organization, Certificates of Amendment, and Certificate of Good Standing among others. There is a one-time Nevada LLC forming fees of $96 for applying for an Apostille.

LLC kit

The LLC Kit is a type of high quality binder, which will help you to store all your business documents in a single place. The LLC kit has been designed to keep your essential documents organized and secure, so that they are easily accessible when you need them. The Nevada LLC cost for this kit is $82.5 and you can order it as a part of the LLC formation services.

Choose IncParadise to form your Nevada LLC

IncParadise is one of the highly esteemed Nevada registered agents that are committed towards ensuring start-ups and mid-size enterprises derive maximum benefit from our tailored and wide variety of business formation services. Our specialized services provide value for money because of salient features like:

  • Experts in Business Formation: We have a team of business formation or incorporation experts with experience spanning over several years and over 10,000 new business registrations.
  • Within your Budget: Most businesses may feel that Nevada LLC forming fees are probably high and this may affect their costing initially but with IncParadise it is quite the opposite. We offer our business formation services within a reasonable price range so that it doesn’t overburden your budget.
  • Unique back-office system: We understand the changing needs of businesses in the internet age and hence we offer a new client system that is unique in many ways. The system allows businesses the option of mail forwarding, order placing for any of our services, and storing and managing the business documents. This state of the art solution is known as the Entity Management Software and it has several features that help in streamlining requirements and document storage for businesses.

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