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I am from Germany and want to start company in the U.S.A.

Date: 10/08/2007 | Category: Banking, Incorporation | Author: developers

hallo to the incparadies-team,before i start: i come from germany, so please excuse my english if it is not correct. my name is robert and i have found your company in google. i am interested in an company formation in nevada. i have already a company in england but i want to open a new one in the usa because…

New low price for corporate kits

Date: | Category: Business | Author: developers

This is really great news. We have just lowered the price of corporate kits from $55 to $35. [photopress:kit.jpg,full,pp_image] This is a complete Corporate or LLC kit with embossing seal. You get a binder with forms, stock certificates, seal, bylaws/operating agreement, transfer ledger and minutes. What is the corporate kit good for? Check our website for better explanation how are…

Make some money on your failed business venture

Date: 10/06/2007 | Category: Marketing | Author: developers

There may come a time when you want to close down your business and your business website. However, if you have developed a website with a high ranking and a lot of content, you can convert the site into an advertising money maker. There are several programs available, such as Adsense, which will enable you to earn money from your…

How to buy a commercial real estate with only 10% down

Date: | Category: Real Estate, Banking | Author: developers

First you might say it is a bad market to buy any real estate. Yes, market conditions are difficult. I, myself don’t look too much at the market conditions which are very difficult to predict, but rather look at the actual DEAL. If the real estate deal makes sense than I buy. What deals make sense? If you get good…

I am starting a new company in Nevada. How many shares to issue?

Date: | Category: Incorporation | Author: developers

I am starting a new company…how many shares should I issue? I am unclear on what is simplest and best. Nevada wants to know total number of shares and value of each share. If you decide to have one share, one thousand or one million it is totally up to you. Many people do basic $50,000 shares and value of…